Sunday, June 3, 2012

Laptop cont.....

The smart tech people at Dell Support said no to replacing the whole laptop.....hummmm
So what next you ask, I have no idea.  I turned the laptop on and it seemed fine at first.  I haven't downloaded all the software it originally came with...I guess there's a website to go to do this.  But, the mouse started to act up again.  So now it's an off & on issue, not a continuous issue.  Here's an example I was at Starbucks meeting with a friend to show her font styles for her wedding invite and the start menu kept popping up over & over & over & over...couldn't get anything done!
I kept putting off calling Dell Support back cuz I think I'm gonna say the F word a number of times as I describe the problems for the millionth time.  I did read somewhere cussing relieves stress, especially saying the F word.
In the mean time, I've been busy in the craft studio and have many photos to post.  Goal for today .....
Post them F***king photos!  Oh I feel so much better!  (smiley face).
By the way, did I mention summer heat has arrived in Arizona?   It's in the 100's in the shade. (not smiling)  oh the F***king, it's really working...less stress is always good.

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