Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zachariah's Senior Photo Shoot

Why oh why is it so tough to get a boy to smile??? This was our first attempt to get a good set. We plan to do it again this week and we should have more to show off.....

Christine's Senior Photos

We decided to do the garage shoot and here's a peek of how it went.
We still want to go to my graffiti wall.

Prom Night

Zachariah on his prom night. From what I heard he danced the night away.

Christine on prom night, too. They both went to the same prom but with their own group of friends. I made Christine's dress and I must say it turned out perfect. She had the design idea and I was able to create it for her. She looked absolutely adorable.

Here they are together. They both looked awesome.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What a week, caught a stomach bug and have struggled all week. But it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend....hunting eggs and eating chocolate bunnies!
Even tho I was sick I got a lot done. Working on Christine's red prom dress. I'll post photo once it's finished. Celebrated Zachariah's 18th birthday with a ice cream cake and bbq. Dealt with outdoor furniture cushion problem...bought them last week and they went on sale and the stupid store has too many price adjustment rules! But I out smarted them and got my way... cushions even cheaper!
Tomorrow we're shopping for his tux for prom. We're also doing a senior photo garage session for both Zachariah and Christine. That should be a blast since both are pretty photogenic.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding photos

My friend, Kathleen's wedding. I was nervous about this gig. I knew the lighting would be a challenge and boy was it.... thanks for Photoshop.

It was a busy month....

I've been painting anytime I can find atleast 10 minutes to sit still. My friend, Melissa brought her sister to paint. Her sister sure has some painting talent. I wish I would of photographed her art piece. My creative plate has been full. I photographed a wedding, sewing a prom dress, helped my sister with her restaurant taxes, and keeping up with my nephew's college stuff. Plus working. I know I'm as busy as most multi-taskers, huh?

We're going to another Art Walk tomorrow... more inspiration. Coolest art, music and people!

Checkout this ceiling I found at last month's Art Walk.

Also, my hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this week. It was fun thinking back on our wedding he was late, which has never changed. Like Iyanla Vanzant said... "if you want to know the end, look at the beginning".

Here's some photos to enjoy...

WINSTON, always wondering what I'm doing

This piece of art is very special. I made it specially for my dear friend, Cathy. The background papers are from a song book she gave me of her friend, Alice Wallace. Dragonflies symbolize Cathy and RED is Cathy

This next one is a small canvas for my office...

Alia's 1st Birthday card...