Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On vacation

Staying with friend's family in a beach community near Boston.   Ocean, sunshine, rocks, sand, waves, fun.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meghan in my studio

This is Meghan, she's visiting from New Hampshire.  She's an awesome young lady.  Normally, most kids her age don't care to spend anytime in the studio.  Meghan was completely different.  I asked her to go with me to run errands and she said she would rather paint.  She had noticed my artwork and asked how to paint it.  She said she wasn't a painter and I told her she could do it with some guidance.  I showed her Kelly Rea Roberts book, Taking Flight.  That's how it all began with Meghan.
Meghan wearing my magic tiara.  The creative universe is open!

Meghan picked out some scrapbook paper and punched squares.  We glued them to a piece of wood.

We whitewashed the piece and practiced making our angels.
 This is Meghan's painting.  She did a great job and loves glitter!

Here's our paintings.  Meghan's is done but mine is not finished.  I loved the way it's turned out so far.

Business cards

Business cards, I find them a catch 22 for me.  I handed them out as a pencil and honestly I rarely have been contacted by anyone I've given them to. I figured what's the point, right?  Well this last trip I took I really felt like a business card would of been helpful and given me a professional edge.  Also, I don't feel like I'm organized of what info I wanted on the card.  I continue to move forward on this business monster thing.  I have met a few people who I plan to follow up with on combining my blog, my Facebook page, an Etsy shop, maybe even a "dot com" webpage.  So in the meantime, I decided to design a simple card with the info I have at this point. 
Pencil business card.  It's a cute idea and I get lots of compliments.
 I used one of my original paintings on the card and added "let's keep in touch"  Love how it came out.
On the back I put my email, Facebook and blog information.  I'm not sure how to do a Facebook page that doesn't have so many numbers.  I wonder if I should of made a Facebook account for JOBI and not a JOBI page.  But like I said I'm still on a learning curve on all how to connect everything.  I've looked at some of my favorite blogs and know there is a way to do it.  One of those things I continue in my dreams I have wings and I can fly things.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

It's 4th of July!  Good food, great friends, summer time fun & feeling very patriotic.
Have a great holiday and be safe.
Found this great painted American Flag
on the side of a building in McCook, Nebraska.
A great background for a photo opt!