Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2000 hits

I began my blog in 2007.  This past weekend I was Yahoo IM chatting with my sister, Melinda and I asked her if she's checked out my blog lately.  I was apologizing for not posting much these days.  We checked it out and I noticed I had my 2000th (view)  hit!  Now I know there's blogs out there that have millions of hits and millions of posts.  I'm not one of them.  But I am so pleased to know there are some gracious souls out there who stop by my blog.   Thank you and I mean THANK  YOU.
I've been brainstorming ideas and thoughts to improve my blog and one thing I plan to do is more photos and videos.  I may do some videos on some of the fun stuff I make, bake, cook, break, see, experience, read, or a good music video to get you smiling.
Thank you, again,

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Remember Bray, the chocolate lab we sat for???  Well she's part of our family.  Her owner sadly needed to find her another home.  She asked us if we would like to have her. We couldn't say no even though three labs are a lot of dogs.  We needed a new name for her and "Steve" was my choice but not too popular with anyone else.  We finally agreed on "Bella".  I'll post new photos of her once I can get her to sit still.  She's a great companion to her brother Maximus.  Don't know if I mentioned Bella and Maximus are from the same liter.  Bella was the smallest and Maximus was the largest of the bunch.  Winston couldn't be happier, too.

Trip down memory lane

On a recent trip home I made a stop at Miss Betty Jean Brown's.  She's my longest known friend, our friendship began in kindergarten at Roosevelt grade school!  I have ton of memories of our school days.  As usual, she has a huge smile and our visits are always full of laughter.  On this trip I got to see her oldest daughter Misty.  I will always make time for Miss Betty Jean.  Here's to us!