Monday, December 7, 2009



It was announced he is a Hiesman Trophy finalist!

Made a BOO BOO

okay, see this beautiful bracelet and painted gift box? I made them for a girlfriend's birthday. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I thought it was her 50th birthday and thought she needs a special gift this year. Well I showed up to give it to her and she was so pleased and loved the gift. Later she texted me to gently tell me she was not 50 but 51......shhhhhh
OMG I totally messed up. I remember hearing her talk about her birthday and her husband's birthday. Now here's the worse part what did I do for her actual 50th birthday last year!!!
In my sense of's her 50th birthday
I'm making more bracelets like this one since I liked it so much.

Photos I took this week...

I had to two photoshoots the past week. This is a family I've known over twenty years. I decided to post the black & white versions of their photos.

This is Gator and he was full of energy. Of course he was more interested in the playground then having his picture taken.

This a Grandpa with his cute granddaughter. He was harder to get to smile than she was. She loved having her picture taken.

Isn't she just the proudest Grandma.....
My other photoshoot was of Marisol. She lives in El Paso, Texas and I could not wait to meet her. I've seen pictures of her and I finally got to hold and hug her. She's as adorable in person as she is in these photos. She's been in town visiting her grandparents. I plan to see her again before she leaves. I will miss her.

Nothing cuter than baby's toes!
I aged this photo to look like a vintage tinted photograph. She's so sweet.

December is my month!!

There's this thing about's my birthday month. When I was a kid my mom & dad made sure no one forgot my birthday, since everyone was so focused on the holidays. They never gave me that .... "this is your birthday and christmas present". Anyone who has a December birthday understands what I'm saying, huh? So I especially thank them and belame them for my obsession about "my birthday month". One friend made me laugh last year when he said ... December is all about Jobi and Jesus. That is the truth in my world. My friends let me be crazy and come along for the ride. This year we're having my annual cookie exchange on my birthday. That's not how it started...first I wanted it on my birthday and a friend had a conflict so I changed the date, then several other friends had conflicts with the rescheduled date, then after all was said and done .... we are having it on my birthday. Here's this years invite...but note the date is wrong because it's on my birthday!

Here's a couple of cookie exchange invites from the past years. Our cookie exchange is in it's 12th or 13th year. I have all the invites in a box and I must say I've been pretty creative with them. You should put together a cookie exchange with your friends!