Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Summer Road Trip - Travel log entry #1

I've been on a long road trip and did so many fun things, saw really cool things and visited with great friends.

One of the best things we did was stop at antique shops all along the way.  Here's a collections of photos from the antique stops.  We found some treasures and saw some very unique and interesting things.  I was able to add to my vintage camera collection, found the coolest butcher paper cutter, found some vintage ledgers, and a few Blue Boy and Pinkie prints.  This was so much fun and I love antiquing with my sister!

My sister, Melinda and the first Blue Boy!

Grand Island, Nebraska

Grand Island, Nebraska is where we began our quest to find more Blue Boys!
Another thing we both collect are cameras

Blue Boy and Pinkie! (out of our budget)
Roanoke, Virginia (closed when we got there)

Elkhart, Indiana
Elkhart, Indiana.  This was the coolest building.  It was a auto factory. 
Elkhart, Indiana  The first and original Elcar was built.
Near the Michigan Raceway, near Brooklyn, Michigan

Memphis, Tennessee
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Ohio I think?
Hamburg, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa

Wherever there's a Blue Boy Pinkie is not far away.

Stuff and so much stuff

The Queens

Over priced, again!

Denver, Colorado

Affordable and so cute

The cameras that got to come home with us!