Saturday, November 30, 2013

Some updates & thoughts

Anyone who knows me, knows I have no concept of time.  I have no schedule, I rarely do anything the same, all things I make are one of a kind.  Taking my “having fun” in the craft room to working in my studio is where I'm at right now.  I have a blog, a Facebook page with a new web address, a logo, a business name, business cards, email and working on a project to log my creations.  Getting things together is a never ending process and I know there’s no time schedule to this creative journey I’m on. I named my business brokenwing, I have a collection of angels in my house and the thing they all have in common is every one of them has a broken wing and they’re perfect.  It’s one of those things I couldn’t explain how each one ended up with a broken wing that needed to be glued.   What it taught me … it doesn’t need to be perfect to be perfect, which describes my art, my jewelry, my photography, my cards, my studio, my home, everything Jobi.  My Facebook page address is & my email is 
brokenwing  Here's my logo.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Street fair time, again.

I'm going to be at the Casa Grande Street Fair on December 3rd!! I've been working hard in the studio to have a nice selection of pendants and earrings.  I'm also including some holiday crafts, stockings, garland, etc.  I can't wait should be a blast.  I'll post the exact info later this week.
This reminded me of the photo I got in my email.  Last spring at the street show in Casa Grande I sold a pendant to Pam.  Pam explained she was getting married in Hawaii and she needed gift for her partner.  She liked a number of pendants but finally choose a purple pendant with a heart.  The plan was to give it to her partner after their ceremony in Hawaii.  Pam was kind enough to send me a photo!  Congratulations to them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cookie cupcake!

Today was my friend Kathy's birthday.  I've known her for over 25 years, she is one of the nicest person you'll ever meet.  I just love her and her family.

Her birthday treat!  She was nice to share it with all of us.

I know she loves my sugar cookies so I baked her some sugar cookies but put it together like a cupcake.   I made the cookies all the same size.  I layered a cookie, frosting, cookie, frosting, and the third cookie and frosted the top and stuck a candle in the frosting.  Yumm is all I can say...yeah I made one for myself!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New office lighting!

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the office.

Pinterest image
 I found the light cords at IKEA,  5 total.  I looked all over for the black rod and finally found exactly what I needed at Walmart.   I originally thought I would like to use vintage style blubs but after some research, the vintage style would not produce the bright light I was looking for.  I got these cool daylight blubs at Home Deport and they were reasonably priced.  The vintage type are expensive.
In the example above the electrical outlet was in the center near the ceiling.  I had to run a heavy duty power strip from the outlet behind my bookcase. The rod was easy enough to install after measuring the distance of the furthest  fixture, the cords were 6ft each.  Wrapping them was a time consuming job but it worked out nice. Since I took this photo I spent some extra time cleaning up and tightening up the cords.   Looks much neater.   The light it produces is so bright, daylight bright even at midnight!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Studio time

Been hanging out in the studio this week.  At this moment I smell like solder!  Been soldering all morning.  I started my week bending wire for earrings and soldering chain links I'm gonna use for earrings.
I had bezels made in the shape of hearts from a previous day in the studio.  I also added a round cooper wire to the design.  The cooper wire was tough to bend and even tougher to cut.  But, I found a handy heavy duty wire cutter in the tool worked wonderfully!   I had already cut metal and filed down the edges.  It was time to match pieces.

This is what I did this morning...soldering soldering soldering.  I love this part but I must admit it's a smelly process, I must have my ceiling fan on and the window open.  It's breezy today and that helps move the air around in the studio. 

I'm taking a break from the studio for the next few hours to meet friends I haven't seen in awhile.  I love working in the studio and boy it does take so many steps to end up with my creations.  Break time!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


 I really don't plan to post daily meditation stuff... The challenge is 21 days!  But this day was good.

Day 2 
Empowered Me
CENTERING THOUGHT - I am a powerful creator
SANSKRIT MANTRA - Om kriyam namah - my actions are aligned with cosmic law
This day spoke of karma - karma is simply a reciprocal exchange—what we give, we receive in kind.
It's about making conscious decisions in our daily lives.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I couldn't sleep tonight and when this happens I try to calm my mind with meditation.
What do you think about meditation? I've taken a few on-line meditation classes with Deepak Chopra. Oprah and Deepak have offer a new class.  I decided to sign up....

Desire and Destiny
A journey toward living with passion and abundance! We’ll be your guides, every day, as you uncover your creative brilliance, connect with your deepest desires, and tap into your pure potential. Then, watch your soul’s purpose and true destiny emerge, opening the door to living a life in which all things are within reach and your dreams transform into reality

Day 1
Who am I?
CENTERING THOUGHT...I am my deepest desire

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The beginning of a new blog idea.

In my most recent trip home I was having lunch with my sister.  I was telling her how I was planning to add a interviews with to my blog.  I want to interview people about their jobs, passions, thoughts.  I explained how I would ask the same questions, maybe 10 questions total.  I have several people in mind already.  Artists, a teacher, some serious runners, crafters, moms, etc.
I asked my sister random questions….
1. How long have you been at you job?
She’s been at her job for 23 years.  She works with developmentally challenged children, ages 3-5 yrs.  She works within the school system with teachers, therapist, parents, etc.  It was tough for her to
2.  How does her job defines her? 
She loves children and definitely has a knack with kids.  Her job has taught her patience.  She loves to see the progress the kids make and the outcome.  She doesn’t like it when people say their child “can’t “ do something.  She has seen a child come into the class and he can’t open a book and he leaves the program with the knowledge about books, sounds, images, etc. 
3. Do you find joy in your job?
It’s chaos to brilliance when it comes to the children she works with.  It a challenge with so many moments of joy.
We stopped at this point because our lunch arrived...haha
What I know about my sister and her job...the kids love her.  Whenever we are out it never and I mean never fails a kid she's worked with notices her and that kid always and I mean always has a smile and a big hello for her!

My sister, Melinda!

This was a good start to what I want to add to my blog.  I know some very amazing women & men  doing some amazing things and I want to showcase them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Studio time, again!

Back in the studio and really working hard.  I'm painting, I'm soldering, I'm making chain, I'm making earrings, lastly I'm making pendants!
I have to slow down on my ideas and projects.  I plan to attend a show in December and if I could just make all the cool Christmas stuff I want I would be a happy crafter! 

Tough week for my friend, Michele.

A week ago my friend, Michele lost her father, Mike McCarthy.  He had not been sick and his death was so unexpected.  It was so sad and hard to understand.  He left explicit instructions to celebrate his life.  And that is what we did.  May he rest in peace and he will be missed. 

A few weeks ago, Tom & I both visited our dads.  Tom visited his dad in rural Nebraska and was also  hoping to get a few days in the fields to help with harvest.  It rained and this gave Tom two days of hanging out with his dad.  He told me he really enjoy this time.  Me on the other hand, spent five days with my dad.  My dad is full of energy and talks endlessly....haha.  We are blessed to have this time with our dads. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Went to a wedding was awesome!

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Javier Martinez!
They were married today in a very nice ceremony with close family in attendance.
Congratulations to them.
They are having a reception celebration on the roof top of a natural history museum.  Should be a great fun time.  Dia de los Muertos theme. I'll post photos.
Mr & Mrs Javier Martinez
(skull image source internet)
An added bonus was hanging out with this little guy! He was adorable today!
Me & Kalen