Monday, November 18, 2013

New office lighting!

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the office.

Pinterest image
 I found the light cords at IKEA,  5 total.  I looked all over for the black rod and finally found exactly what I needed at Walmart.   I originally thought I would like to use vintage style blubs but after some research, the vintage style would not produce the bright light I was looking for.  I got these cool daylight blubs at Home Deport and they were reasonably priced.  The vintage type are expensive.
In the example above the electrical outlet was in the center near the ceiling.  I had to run a heavy duty power strip from the outlet behind my bookcase. The rod was easy enough to install after measuring the distance of the furthest  fixture, the cords were 6ft each.  Wrapping them was a time consuming job but it worked out nice. Since I took this photo I spent some extra time cleaning up and tightening up the cords.   Looks much neater.   The light it produces is so bright, daylight bright even at midnight!

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