Friday, November 15, 2013

Studio time

Been hanging out in the studio this week.  At this moment I smell like solder!  Been soldering all morning.  I started my week bending wire for earrings and soldering chain links I'm gonna use for earrings.
I had bezels made in the shape of hearts from a previous day in the studio.  I also added a round cooper wire to the design.  The cooper wire was tough to bend and even tougher to cut.  But, I found a handy heavy duty wire cutter in the tool worked wonderfully!   I had already cut metal and filed down the edges.  It was time to match pieces.

This is what I did this morning...soldering soldering soldering.  I love this part but I must admit it's a smelly process, I must have my ceiling fan on and the window open.  It's breezy today and that helps move the air around in the studio. 

I'm taking a break from the studio for the next few hours to meet friends I haven't seen in awhile.  I love working in the studio and boy it does take so many steps to end up with my creations.  Break time!

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