Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tough week for my friend, Michele.

A week ago my friend, Michele lost her father, Mike McCarthy.  He had not been sick and his death was so unexpected.  It was so sad and hard to understand.  He left explicit instructions to celebrate his life.  And that is what we did.  May he rest in peace and he will be missed. 

A few weeks ago, Tom & I both visited our dads.  Tom visited his dad in rural Nebraska and was also  hoping to get a few days in the fields to help with harvest.  It rained and this gave Tom two days of hanging out with his dad.  He told me he really enjoy this time.  Me on the other hand, spent five days with my dad.  My dad is full of energy and talks endlessly....haha.  We are blessed to have this time with our dads. 

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