Monday, September 29, 2014

Setting eyes on her for the first time in person & I'm in love

I'm in love!

Meet Anaya
I'm in love with this cutie pie! 

With this sweet face!!

With these big eyes!

With this storyteller!

Tia Jobi loves you!

Announcement - Invite card

Here's the final product.  It came out so nice.  For some reason I was really challenged with centering the back with the front image...ugh  After a number of attempts with my printer I got it right.  I paired it up with a light brown envelope.  Very happy with the final product.

Way to go Christine!!

We went out to a local park to get the perfect sunset photos, but instead the sky was boring, well it was really wasn't - it was a beautiful blue color as usual in Arizona!
I took about 100 shots, but this one was the first one I took and it was perfect for her announcement/invitation!  She's an awesome young lady and as beautiful.

Another shot that was a close 2nd.

She's done!!!

While we were trying to get a sunset photo near the yellow flowers the bees and bugs started flying around and Christine was scared of the bugs!  She wouldn't stand still...the red balloon was probably attracting the bees...didn't have the heart to tell to let the balloon go and she would be fine....ha ha
 It was a really fun time!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby photo shoot!

I got to spend time with two babies with my camera in hand. 

Garrett is 6 months old and spending the evening with him was precious.  I got to get him after his nap and he cuddles so sweetly.  He smiles and smiles and smiles.  He makes the sweetest baby noises!  It was fun taking his picture.  In these photos, the green jumper he's wearing is his daddy's baby jumper and the ball was a toy his daddy had as a baby.  Isn't that sweet.  The rest of the evening with him was awesome.  He even gives kisses xoxox!

This sweet baby girl is Avery.  She was easy to photograph.  I crocheted the crown for her and it worked out great.  

The pink dress she's wearing is from her Grandmother, it was so cute and so cute on her.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Studio time

I don't always mind nights I can't sleep because my studio is inviting.  I got lost in there tonight and finished some pendants.  These designs have been dancing around in my head for weeks.  One thing I used was metal buttons.  I have quite the collection and I came across something about pounding metal buttons.  I loved the look and especially love the how they look with the bigger beads.  I can't wait to wear these...oh yeah , they'll be for sale!