Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From a bench to boxes.

I made three benches to sit poolside.  This bench didn't hold up too well.  It was time for it to join the wood pile.

It didn't take much work to break it down.  I was left digging out screws and nails!

I had one of those days where I just needed to use my hands.  I headed to my wood pile.  I got my saw out and began cutting the long boards salvaging the good parts. Some of the wood had deteriorated.  I took measurements to build  wooden boxes.  It really wasn't too hard but I did have to get the calculator out to minimize waste. 

I cut enough pieces to make two good size boxes.  I still have two long pieces and three good size pieces to make more boxes!  I predrilled the nail holes.  That was necessary so  the wood wouldn't split when I hammered the nails in.  I used 1 3/4" penny nails.  Not to hard once I got the first end piece nailed on the base piece.  

I had a few scrap pieces left over so I cut them to make compartments but they were a saw blade width too big...ugh.  I had already put my saw away...didn't want to get it out so those pieces will have to wait.   

 My Maximus dog decided to keep me company in the garage.  I needed a breeze but not the sunshine so the garage door was opened a few feet.  Maximus loved it.

This is my toolbox of found metal odds & ends.  Hinges, bolts, washers, handles, and drawer pulls.

I found a few items thinking I would embellish my boxes.  I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with them.  I don't like the drawer pulls, or the bolts.  Not sure i want to put handles or metal corners?  Or maybe use a leather strap to make a handle?  Or leave them as is?  I do know I will leave them turquoise color.

I have enough of the bench wood to make two or three more boxes.  I have a number of shorter 2x4 pieces, too.  This was a fun project and easy to do.  I love recycling and repurposing.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Project!

I decided it was time to make some changes in our hall bathroom.  I painted the oak cabinet a nice white and added cabinet hardware.  Not liking the countertop but not interested in tearing it out.

I did some research and found a DIY on how to use a concrete product to use on the existing countertop!  It's called Henry FeatherFinish.  I also didn't want it to be the grey concrete color so I added a charcoal cement tint.  Love it!

Bought both products at Lowe's.

Mixed up a batch to test it out.  I wasn't sure if I used enough water.  Seemed too thick but I followed the directions on the box exactly.  I really love the color!  I used a putty knife to spread it out on a practice board.  I'm used to using a wet cement that levels itself out.  This is more like frosting a sheet cake.  I was happy with the look and texture.  So let's do it.

I started the project today.  Mixed up the cement according to the directions, but I found I needed to use more water than recommended on the box.  The DIY said to mix it to pancake batter consistency.    I added the colorant to the water and then added the cement powder.   Mixed it and then let it set for a few minutes.  It does thicken up more which I was not expecting.  The first batch covered the counter but not enough for the sink.  

Here's a closer look at the texture.  It's not as easy as it seems.  Getting it smooth as possible but not too worried since it's the first coat.  I can sand it after it sets.  I'm gonna let it be for 24 hours and then add a second coat.

 This is the finished first coat.   I didn't remove the faucet all the way and just raised it enough to work around it.  Once it's set tomorrow I'll lightly sand the whole surface to smooth out any imperfections. Then on to a second coat.  Let it set for 24 hours, sand, seal the whole countertop and sink.   I'm not liking the faucet finish...may need to paint it.  Overall I do like the look of the countertop and sink.  I'll keep you posted!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Cricut Cricut Cricut.....PINK

Several months ago I added this to my studio!  

Can you say PINK

I didn't realize it had so many cutting options!

It's so pretty in PINK!  
I'm on a huge learning curve.  It looks intimidating but overall it's not.

Not only does it cut but it writes!

  One of my learning days.  I used some glitter paper and I can see where you need to be careful removing the designs.  Patience!

I made something simple, the onesies are so cute and easy.  

I have a one year subscription to Cricut Design Space which gives you tons of ideas, images, tutorials, fonts, etc.  I've learned to design from my iPad and iPhone with their app.  I've learned how to add fonts, import images and add my own designs.  I'm in love with my new PINK addition!  I still need to do some iron on vinyl projects.  I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter basket project

My Nebraska Arens family celebrates Easter and we aren't able to attend but I wanted to contribute something.  I searched through my creative magazines for inspiration.  I looked through my studio supplies and found the peat pots to use for the baskets.  I painted them in pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue and green.  

I added  dots I punched from my old dictionary

I like the way they looked!

I cut some wire to make the handles.

I added the wire handles and made a cute swirl on the ends.

When I put the shredded paper grass and candy in the baskets they looked kinda flat.

I found some brown paper in my stash and cut them into squares and wrinkled them to soften them up.  Added them to the baskets gave them volume so the candy wouldn't sink to the bottom.

The baskets were missing something so I found a bunch of streamers and sewed up a gathering stitch.  Pulled the thread and made them into circles.  I found a Easter theme image and used my scalloped edge punch to give it a classy look.  

Don't you think they came out cute cute cute?

I used my glue gun to add them to the baskets.  I'll tell you that damn glue gun is HOT!  I got some on my thumb and one finger...boy it blistered right up!

Here's what the baskets looked like.  I added a "Happy Easter" banner.  Oh, yeah when I put the wire on the baskets I twisted a few circles to hold the greeting.  Overall I had all the supplies in my studio inventory and the only cost was the candy and paper grass.  I had so much fun getting creative and making these "vintage" looking Easter treats for all the Arens grandkids!

Planning a cross country road trip!

It's always a challenge to plan a road trip...so many factors!  This trip is a big big huge challenge!  I've never driven anywhere east of the Mississippi River. So far one of my sisters, Melinda will join me & Tom on this adventure.  I always invite someone to do the Arizona to Nebraska and the Nebraska to Arizona drive.  I'm still not interested in driving anywhere without a travel companion.  Tom will join me by flying in somewhere along the trip and fly out of DC.   But, I'm the only one who will be on the the whole trip covering all the miles, only drawback is no Mini Lula on this trip!  How I miss that car!  I'm in the process of picking out things to do and things to see and where to eat ... I love being off the beaten path so who knows where this trip will take me!  Oh, forget...Mr Pin will be traveling along!