Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Planning a cross country road trip!

It's always a challenge to plan a road many factors!  This trip is a big big huge challenge!  I've never driven anywhere east of the Mississippi River. So far one of my sisters, Melinda will join me & Tom on this adventure.  I always invite someone to do the Arizona to Nebraska and the Nebraska to Arizona drive.  I'm still not interested in driving anywhere without a travel companion.  Tom will join me by flying in somewhere along the trip and fly out of DC.   But, I'm the only one who will be on the the whole trip covering all the miles, only drawback is no Mini Lula on this trip!  How I miss that car!  I'm in the process of picking out things to do and things to see and where to eat ... I love being off the beaten path so who knows where this trip will take me!  Oh, forget...Mr Pin will be traveling along!

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