Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter basket project

My Nebraska Arens family celebrates Easter and we aren't able to attend but I wanted to contribute something.  I searched through my creative magazines for inspiration.  I looked through my studio supplies and found the peat pots to use for the baskets.  I painted them in pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue and green.  

I added  dots I punched from my old dictionary

I like the way they looked!

I cut some wire to make the handles.

I added the wire handles and made a cute swirl on the ends.

When I put the shredded paper grass and candy in the baskets they looked kinda flat.

I found some brown paper in my stash and cut them into squares and wrinkled them to soften them up.  Added them to the baskets gave them volume so the candy wouldn't sink to the bottom.

The baskets were missing something so I found a bunch of streamers and sewed up a gathering stitch.  Pulled the thread and made them into circles.  I found a Easter theme image and used my scalloped edge punch to give it a classy look.  

Don't you think they came out cute cute cute?

I used my glue gun to add them to the baskets.  I'll tell you that damn glue gun is HOT!  I got some on my thumb and one finger...boy it blistered right up!

Here's what the baskets looked like.  I added a "Happy Easter" banner.  Oh, yeah when I put the wire on the baskets I twisted a few circles to hold the greeting.  Overall I had all the supplies in my studio inventory and the only cost was the candy and paper grass.  I had so much fun getting creative and making these "vintage" looking Easter treats for all the Arens grandkids!

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