Monday, December 7, 2009



It was announced he is a Hiesman Trophy finalist!

Made a BOO BOO

okay, see this beautiful bracelet and painted gift box? I made them for a girlfriend's birthday. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I thought it was her 50th birthday and thought she needs a special gift this year. Well I showed up to give it to her and she was so pleased and loved the gift. Later she texted me to gently tell me she was not 50 but 51......shhhhhh
OMG I totally messed up. I remember hearing her talk about her birthday and her husband's birthday. Now here's the worse part what did I do for her actual 50th birthday last year!!!
In my sense of's her 50th birthday
I'm making more bracelets like this one since I liked it so much.

Photos I took this week...

I had to two photoshoots the past week. This is a family I've known over twenty years. I decided to post the black & white versions of their photos.

This is Gator and he was full of energy. Of course he was more interested in the playground then having his picture taken.

This a Grandpa with his cute granddaughter. He was harder to get to smile than she was. She loved having her picture taken.

Isn't she just the proudest Grandma.....
My other photoshoot was of Marisol. She lives in El Paso, Texas and I could not wait to meet her. I've seen pictures of her and I finally got to hold and hug her. She's as adorable in person as she is in these photos. She's been in town visiting her grandparents. I plan to see her again before she leaves. I will miss her.

Nothing cuter than baby's toes!
I aged this photo to look like a vintage tinted photograph. She's so sweet.

December is my month!!

There's this thing about's my birthday month. When I was a kid my mom & dad made sure no one forgot my birthday, since everyone was so focused on the holidays. They never gave me that .... "this is your birthday and christmas present". Anyone who has a December birthday understands what I'm saying, huh? So I especially thank them and belame them for my obsession about "my birthday month". One friend made me laugh last year when he said ... December is all about Jobi and Jesus. That is the truth in my world. My friends let me be crazy and come along for the ride. This year we're having my annual cookie exchange on my birthday. That's not how it started...first I wanted it on my birthday and a friend had a conflict so I changed the date, then several other friends had conflicts with the rescheduled date, then after all was said and done .... we are having it on my birthday. Here's this years invite...but note the date is wrong because it's on my birthday!

Here's a couple of cookie exchange invites from the past years. Our cookie exchange is in it's 12th or 13th year. I have all the invites in a box and I must say I've been pretty creative with them. You should put together a cookie exchange with your friends!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weekend of no projects ....

But, did go see " new moon " . Edward and Jacob, need I say more.
It was good.
oh by the way... HUSKERS won!

Monday, November 9, 2009


End of the weekend and back to work on Monday.
Here's some stuff that kept me busy.
Watched way too much football
Found several new magazines full of crazy fun ideas!
So I had to find time to read and study the pictures.
Tried a couple of things but found I need more paper punches!
Oh, and glitter, too.
I read somewhere or saw it on someone's blog ... 47 days til Christmas!
I think I would like to do an idea list - one thing for each day left.
1. tiny fabric trees with glitter & stars
2. tiny paper circle trees with glitter & a star on top.
3. fabric flowers
4. snowman jars
5. paper sack envelopes
6. sewn paper sack envelopes
7. sewn paper flowers on cards
8. babbles with snowflakes with glitter
9. babble stones with christmas sayings
10. photos of my dogs, colby & winston
11. earrings, red ones
12. rubberstamped cards
13. flannel pink baby blankets
14. ice skate idea
15. crochet a funky scraf
16. thank you notes
17. cookie exchange invite design
18. bake sugar cookies
19. paint a christmas themed angel
20. bracelets
21. soldered pendants
22. button designed cards
23. add to my "me" journal

Okay, that's half of the list....whew!
More to come......

Here's some of the babbles I made. I made a number of them but gifted them before photographing them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The seats were fine but of course it would be been the best to be on the floor with all the music energy.

This is Larry looking all so sexy!

Big video screen close ups


Did I forget to tell you

Black Eye Peas

also performed

Midnight, again

I was on-line with Zachariah and he asked to see the photos from the trip to Lincoln. I forgot about those photos, we had a fun time.

Can you find Zachariah and Christine????
(Hint - top row)

This was the view from my seat.

Okay, this is my sister and she really believes she's meeting real life stars! She stopped to pet the dog!

We headed north to farm country. My husband's family farm and they were in the middle of combining the soybean fields. We all got a ride in the huge combine and we even lost Zachariah somewhen on the farm. "FEAR the CORN".

On a very sad note, my mother-in-law, Barb passed away unexpectly only a few days after our visit this Sunday day. We had a good visit and she cooked a homemade supper for us.

She lived a happy good long life filled with love and family.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wow, it's November already!!

Where does the time go? Actually, here we go with that time thing, huh? One day it's super hot outside and today is a perfect sunny day. I have rainbows in "my studio" (formally my craftroom). I thought I would post some photos of my studio, where all the magic is. I never spend enough time (that time thing again!) in this room.

Here's some random photos of things I have in here.

Random collection of pens/pencils

Notebooks waiting to be altered

Books & memories

Beautiful teacup I found in San Diego

Great tier holder of stuff

Wow, color everywhere!

Every Studio has it's QUEEN, & every QUEEN must have her TIARA!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Things that went on

I decided to post everything going on in one here it goes.

Went to San Diego twice in the last couple of weeks...

First weekend was spent at the beach...but I'm not much of a beach person and here's my observations. You have to like the sun no I should say LOVE the sunshine, you can't mind a few people...a few hundred people, you need to step into the ocean...okay more like be thrown by the ocean, and finally you have to appreciate the sandy beach....cuz it's everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! I have photos but I must spare you. Okay just one...

This is Sebastian enjoying the beach.

The rest of the trip was spend enjoying our friends. I even made tortillas twice! Nothin better than homemade hot tortillas with butter!!!!

We shopped and I bought a zebra purse...lookie..

Okay their faux purses, but yes they're two different ones. I didn't like the first one so I went back and got a different one... Yes, my sister, Melinda is the lucky one to get it.

My next trip I drove the Mini Lula to San Diego last week for a concert.

Had a blast...

Kings of Leon

"Sex on Fire" "Use Somebody"

While in San Diego we had fun visiting with friends. Went to Sebastian's pop warner football game.

But Sebastian got hurt and boy he was a tough cookie. Not pain no gain.

Remember I introduced you to Leah Grace? This is me and her Auntie when she first arrived at Children's Hospital from St. Joe's.
We had some very sad news. Baby Leah Grace passed on. I was fortunate enough to spend time with her the night before she passed. She touched us all and she was loved. My prayers and sympathy to her family and friends. Finally, I went to NAU to see Christine. She is adjusting so well and is lovin it. My boy Zachariah sent her some flowers to wish her a good first week! He's the best....

The rest of the week was spent cleaning the house...getting ready for the party...yes it's margarita time! Here's the invite.