Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Midnight, again

I was on-line with Zachariah and he asked to see the photos from the trip to Lincoln. I forgot about those photos, we had a fun time.

Can you find Zachariah and Christine????
(Hint - top row)

This was the view from my seat.

Okay, this is my sister and she really believes she's meeting real life stars! She stopped to pet the dog!

We headed north to farm country. My husband's family farm and they were in the middle of combining the soybean fields. We all got a ride in the huge combine and we even lost Zachariah somewhen on the farm. "FEAR the CORN".

On a very sad note, my mother-in-law, Barb passed away unexpectly only a few days after our visit this Sunday day. We had a good visit and she cooked a homemade supper for us.

She lived a happy good long life filled with love and family.

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