Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flat Stanley update.....

Okay we took Senor Flato Stanley to Comedor Guadalajara, and it was closed.  We took Flat Stanley to another place and it was closing.  We ended up at Lenny's Burger shop.  He liked the lights and definitely loved the fries.  But I think he would of loved the tacos at El Comador!  We'll try again.  I have to show Senor Flato the graffiti wall and the Ranch Marketplace and get him in a lowrider!

Owen...aka...Bruce Wayne... aka...BATMAN


Owen came to visit me yesterday and he was dressed in a black suit.  He looked adorable but I was wondering why the suit???   As I soon found out he was dressed as Bruce Wayne.   Under his suit he had his Batman suit and cape, along with his Batman mask in hand.   He was so dang cute and serious about being the super hero that he is.  I missed an opportunity for a photo to document this event...but then would Bruce Wayne really want anyone to know he was really BATMAN?  Here's the best thing ... we and I mean me & Bruce were in my studio checking out my pendants and "Bruce" says you know you could make me a Batman one... he then told me how it would be designed in black with yellow Batman symbol!  I promised a Batman pendant and just about cried knowing I shared a precious moment with Bruce Wayne slash Batman slash Owen.  What a cool kid.

In my dreams I have wings and I can fly.....really it's true

Friday I spent the evening with a group of awesome woman.  We were authentic and genuine.  Laughing til we cried, telling on ourselves, giving up secrets about maturing and ending the evening with embraces of true friendship.  The night was to be about sharing my jewelry creations but I got so much more out of it.  I haven't been part of a circle of woman in awhile and it felt so nice that I believe I'm going to make it a must do habit. 
My jewelry took flight as well as did my soul.  My jewelry is clunky, rustic, organic and every piece has it's own feel.   It carries an energy of it's own and I found each piece someone bought reflected something genuine and personal to them.  It was rewarding to hear the conversations the jewelry generated and equally rewarding to pass on my creations.  My friends are extremely generous.
Here's what I'm wearing today!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley visited us back in 1996.  We took him to the desert and he got stuck there.
This year my niece's daughter Grace's class sent Flat Stanley for anothe visit...Only this time he's a .pdf file and naked!  Not only does this Flat Stanley dude need to be taken around Phoenix, but the dude needs a personality, clothes and a face.  OMG, where do I begin.  I decided Flat Stanley needs to see the Hispanic side of Phoenix, so I'm gonna dress him up and take him to some fun places. 
So here we go, Senor Flato Stanley.  Check back to see where we go.

Studio time

The past two days I've been focusing on getting more pendants done.  Stayed up late into the night soldering and creating.  This morning right back at it.  Did I say how fun this is?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Here's something do...

I've been invited to participate in this event.  It'll be the first event I've done in a very long time.  A number of artist will be there and I find it to be a great opportunity to meet other creative souls.  I'll be taking my jewelry and my artwork prints.  So if you're looking for something to do that weekend and live in the Phoenix area please come join the fun!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here I go, again.

Okay, this morning I decide to get on the know the scale....I hate the scale and the scale is hating on me.  I'm like wtf!  I swear the scale is so pissing me off.  I think it's a conspiracy and gravity & the pull of the earth have something to do with it.   .. you're asking but Jobi what are you eating???  Okay, in the last month I did have fries, I did eat some zebra popcorn, I did have a few chips, I love love sourdough bread with every damn thing, oh and I did use real butter on that damn bread!  But I drink lots of water!  lots of water!  maybe a diet pepsi here and there, coffee no cream or sugar, AND I am, I am, I am still walking!  Now do you hear me...I'm still walking.  I walk  each day on the treadmill...okay not every every every and I normally only skip one day a week.  But I am walking and walking and walking....but the scale that damn f*&^king scale hates me, hates me so much it just keeps pissing me off.  I need to find the lightest gravity point in my house ... oh shit maybe I should sit it outside, gravity pull might be less...good idea.  I am still walking and I am feeling so much better.  I'm walking a 5K this weekend...Neon Run/Walk and it's gonna be so fun.  We're dressing up with glow in the dark accessories.  I do know the walking is so worth the effort and in the long long long run it will pay off. 
I'm participating in a meditation series with Deepak Chopra called "Perfect Health".  It's free and it's great.  I've been a long time fan of Deepak Chopra and completely understand how we need to balance Mind, Body  & Spirit.  Keeping  the positive energy sure helps keep the right perspective and humor in hating the scale.  As Deepak says..."take a passionate interest in life".  That's what I'm doing....thank you for listening and let's move on.  :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

New exciting things going on around here!

Okay, don't even know where to start....
I'm finishing up on my soldered jewelry pieces & have sold a few.   In the near future I'll be announcing a new Facebook page that will feature my pieces and how you can buy them. 
Two really really neat friends have offered to host a party to show off my stuff! How exciting is that? Both have been so supportive and fun to have in my creative circle.

Custom chain & pendant necklace

Handmade ring

This was a soldering mistake that turned into
the coolest pendant!

There's a few other things that have been going on but until I finalize them I'm not gonna say anymore, nots to jinx it...haha...I do believe in letting my creative energy flow and not to get to ahead of myself.
The other thing is... my mind is so full of ideas I think sometimes it just might freaking explode!  I find myself jotting and sketching things all the time on scraps of paper.  I have a creative journal but never seem to have it handy.  This is so much fun .
One thing I've noticed is all my winter while it's nice weather projects have been set aside or cancelled...haha.  So much for reorganizing the garage and finding space to stash some of my studio stuff so I don't feel so crowded in there. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

High School....1975

A visit from a friend brought back so many high school memories.  She brought our high school annuals (yearbook).  I haven't looked at one in a hundred years.  After looking through my 1975 annual I realized how I checked out of high school.  There wasn't one thing or one photo of me in the annual.  My sophomore year I participated in every activity I could and I remember the financial strain it was and how I really didn't enjoy it or fit in.  So my junior and senior year I quit the activities.  I liked school, did well and I did have fun hanging out with the not so popular people.   My senior year I missed the deadline to submit a senior photo mainly due to lack of money.  I remember finally getting my photos but sad to know I missed the annual deadline.  I didn't attend any games, dances, prom.  How weird to think of that now.  When I graduated I was happy to be out of high school because I was mad about how my high school dealt with me as a Hispanic student and that's another story.  I realized how my ''Westend" classmates I graduated with weren't in the annual either.

This is the page I would of been on... haha