Sunday, March 31, 2013

Owen...aka...Bruce Wayne... aka...BATMAN


Owen came to visit me yesterday and he was dressed in a black suit.  He looked adorable but I was wondering why the suit???   As I soon found out he was dressed as Bruce Wayne.   Under his suit he had his Batman suit and cape, along with his Batman mask in hand.   He was so dang cute and serious about being the super hero that he is.  I missed an opportunity for a photo to document this event...but then would Bruce Wayne really want anyone to know he was really BATMAN?  Here's the best thing ... we and I mean me & Bruce were in my studio checking out my pendants and "Bruce" says you know you could make me a Batman one... he then told me how it would be designed in black with yellow Batman symbol!  I promised a Batman pendant and just about cried knowing I shared a precious moment with Bruce Wayne slash Batman slash Owen.  What a cool kid.

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