Sunday, March 31, 2013

In my dreams I have wings and I can fly.....really it's true

Friday I spent the evening with a group of awesome woman.  We were authentic and genuine.  Laughing til we cried, telling on ourselves, giving up secrets about maturing and ending the evening with embraces of true friendship.  The night was to be about sharing my jewelry creations but I got so much more out of it.  I haven't been part of a circle of woman in awhile and it felt so nice that I believe I'm going to make it a must do habit. 
My jewelry took flight as well as did my soul.  My jewelry is clunky, rustic, organic and every piece has it's own feel.   It carries an energy of it's own and I found each piece someone bought reflected something genuine and personal to them.  It was rewarding to hear the conversations the jewelry generated and equally rewarding to pass on my creations.  My friends are extremely generous.
Here's what I'm wearing today!

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  1. It was so nice to see you and see your works of art. I am so happy you are doing what you love my friend and I am so proud of you.