Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blog, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you....

Honestly, I have at least 18 pending blog posts I'm working on.  I always strive to post often for my friends and readers of my blog.  I like having a photo(s) to be included in each post and that's the time consuming part.  I sort, edit, size and watermark photos all the time and then write the articles.  Then there are the other times I wing it.  I'm also lagging on my Facebook JOBI page, I have to sort through my jewelry inventory and get more photos on my FB page.  You would think I have plenty of time for all this fun stuff, but there's all this other fun stuff getting in my way...ha ha.  I finally got a big desk calendar like the one I used when I had my job and that's been a great organizational tool to add to my never ending search to stay on top of things.

In the meantime, let's dance!

Okay, so not ready for this

The weather around here has been beautiful in the 70's & sunny, sunny and more sunny.  But, wait a minute...

Do you see this?  No, no, no it's only February and not even Valentine's Day, yet!!!  All my chocolate treats that I'm sure to get will melt!  Summer did you forget about Spring?  (I'm sorry all my friends who are stuck in the cold, icy and snowy weather).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sewing, that's some of what's going on around here.

I walked into a great deal....   A good friend called me to meet her at her storage unit because she had more fabric and goodies to get rid of.  Boy, did she.  Fabric, soldering stuff, and more fabric!  As she was packing up her vehicle she mentioned how this person cancelled meeting about buying her sewing machine.  I asked what kind she had...well it was a Bernina quilt edition.  I have been considering a Bernina the past several years and then I would talk myself out of it... don't sew that much anymore, rather buy a new this or that, etc.  She's like go ahead take it home and test it out.  Well, she had me!  I read the manual that night and was sold.  It's an amazing machine.  I have a machine that is old old, it's basic and some of the stitches don't work, but like I said I haven't sewn sewn in years.  I got some fabric and made a baby blanket.  I was hooked...the machine is mine and she was so happy to have sold it so quickly.  As you can see it's right at home in my studio!

Like I said before my friend also gave me fabric.  In the pile was some red flannel and I had already made a flannel baby blanket, simple simple design to make.  I was out doing my regular shopping and came across some red design flannel for $.86 per yard!!!  I bought the bolt, about 8 1/2 yards.  I was able to get 8 baby blankets cut.  Here's the pile of fabric all cut and ready to pin together.

Isn't she lovely?

Lots of sewing but this machine is so smooth and fun to use.  I'm telling ya, it's giving me the sewing bug, I mean I'm sewing crazy crazy....I'm looking at patterns and planning projects.  Wait...I have jewelry on the other side of the studio waiting for me, I have a wedding invitation order sitting on my printer, I have senior photos to sort, and oh did I tell ya I'm taking an art e-course!