Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Road Trip - Sierra Blanca, Texas

This is the first Texas town to make a stop in.  It's a dying town.  Met a woman who talked about the town's business was hurt by building I-20.  The Highway was the Main Street but since the I-20 was built no one stops in the town.  

Main Street 
Abandon cafe
The woman owned a shop on Main Street.  It was a shop full of all kinds of stuff, rocks, gems, jewelry, art supplies, party supplies, second hand items, thrift store buys.  She explained how people drop off their junk and she doesn't turn anything away.  Also, no one ever steals anything.  She talked about being very happy living in her town and was gracious for the chat time. 

bottle tree

crate of blue glass

crate of purple glass
I regret not buying up some of her colorful glass!

She said to check out the old here it is.  Mass is no longer held in the church.

2014 Road Trip

I took a month long road trip and traveled 4000 miles through ten states.  In the next few weeks I'm posting some of the coolest things I experienced and saw on my trip.

This post is about a house I found along side US Highway 83 in the middle of Kansas!  I drove pass this beautiful aqua colored abandoned house! 

It was so cool I had to go in.  So I made a U-turn!  It was full of beautiful original wooden floors, wood doors with original knobs, light fixtures, walls of wallpaper, and even a creepy basement…didn’t go down into the basement…shit I’ve watch my share of scary movies!  

basement stairway!
Anyways I really wanted to take the door knobs, the light fixtures, wall paper off the walls!!!!   But all I could think of was karma.  Honestly, if I had had a screw driver and wire cutters I would of ignored karma!  But I would of left $20 bill on the floor just to even out the karma thing. ha ha Okay, okay, okay, I did take some wallpaper, it was peeling off the walls and some newspapers used as padding under the linoleum  floor.  The pages of newspaper were dated 1936.  The upstairs was pretty cool, all original looking wallpapers, small size rooms and neat bathroom fixtures.  You could tell this home was one sweet home sweet home.  Sad to see a house like this get neglected.

yellow kitchen!
front porch!