Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas gift packaging

Candles, chocolate, the prettiest red candy canes, tags and lots of glitter and a pretty  ribbon bow perfectly tied.

Close up of the how I decorated these gifts.  Aren't these candy canes beautiful?  By the way these candles have the most lovely scents.

I handmade these tags and of course had to add gold glitter!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gingerbread houses!

 Gingerbread houses this year.  I've been decorating with these kids for several years now.  We used to decorate sugar cookies but last year I changed it up to graham cracker houses.  The kids did so well on this year's houses.  So did the adults, haha.   I had the best time and love our little tradition.

I think we ate as much candy as we put on the houses!

Addison's house. She was so creative!

Kailey, Addison, Owen and Olivia and our houses!!  What a blast.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Camper Christmas Love!

Me & my 1960's vintage camper!  I love love love my camper.  We dressed her up for the holidays!  

I'm using this photo as the inspiration and the base of my Christmas card this year.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Lights!

Heading home from a holiday party and their neighborhood was rocking the lights!

Christmas lights aren't what they used to be.  Add some music & the lights dance along.  What a fun house.

Looking at Christmas lights has always been my favorite thing to do.  When we first moved to Phoenix we'd ride our bikes all over to see the lights.  Was the weirdest thing because the weather was perfect light viewing weather!

We're gonna need to get the bikes out and enjoy our city Christmas lights!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

On to the next project!

It doesn't get too cold here in the Arizona desert, but it does in the midwest.  I'm working on a hot cocoa drink gift.  It has it's challenges but it should come out cool and fun.  Oh yeah, and messy.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time to make these again!

It's been several years since I made these.  Special reindeer food for Christmas Eve, gotta make sure the Santa's reindeers see your house.  The special magic key is for my niece, nephew and little friends who don't have a chimmey for Santa.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Snow people in my studio!

Each year I like to challenge myself with a new technique and this year was a fun one.  I'll post how I made these snow people later.  It involved aluminum foil, homemade paper mache glue, tissue paper, handmade paper clay, handmade white gesso,  christmas cardstock & lots of pretties from my holiday crafting collection!  I love love love making these!

Monday, December 4, 2017

2017 Christmas card!

Working on this year's Christmas cards.  I took an on-line class on encaustic wax and decided to use it in a very basic way on my cards.  I love this medium and it does offer some challenges.  Today I'm practicing with the wax and paper types.  I also am trying to add color to the natural color wax.  After several attempts I think I got the final draft.  It'll take six to seven steps, which I need to multiple by number of cards and envelopes!  Good thing I have time to get cards made and mailed on time this year.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 2017

Hello to my blog followers.  I'm sorry I've been away.  I have lots of stuff to share with you and will be posting each day this week.  I've traveled a lot this past year and haven't spend much time in my studio.  However, it's the holidays and I love love love the holidays.  It's been fun hanging out in the studio making stuff.  I tell you my mind is so full of ideas I can hardly sleep.  Just last night I work up at 3am with an idea for this year's christmas cards...had to see if my idea would work!  So, 30 minutes later I realized it's a good start but not exactly what I want.  I'll be heading to craft store on Monday to get two things to see if it's the card idea or not.  I did come up with another idea today, so we'll see.  Thanks again to those of you who still click on my blog!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Summer Road Trip - Travel log entry #1

I've been on a long road trip and did so many fun things, saw really cool things and visited with great friends.

One of the best things we did was stop at antique shops all along the way.  Here's a collections of photos from the antique stops.  We found some treasures and saw some very unique and interesting things.  I was able to add to my vintage camera collection, found the coolest butcher paper cutter, found some vintage ledgers, and a few Blue Boy and Pinkie prints.  This was so much fun and I love antiquing with my sister!

My sister, Melinda and the first Blue Boy!

Grand Island, Nebraska

Grand Island, Nebraska is where we began our quest to find more Blue Boys!
Another thing we both collect are cameras

Blue Boy and Pinkie! (out of our budget)
Roanoke, Virginia (closed when we got there)

Elkhart, Indiana
Elkhart, Indiana.  This was the coolest building.  It was a auto factory. 
Elkhart, Indiana  The first and original Elcar was built.
Near the Michigan Raceway, near Brooklyn, Michigan

Memphis, Tennessee
Somerset, Pennsylvania
Ohio I think?
Hamburg, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa

Wherever there's a Blue Boy Pinkie is not far away.

Stuff and so much stuff

The Queens

Over priced, again!

Denver, Colorado

Affordable and so cute

The cameras that got to come home with us!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From a bench to boxes.

I made three benches to sit poolside.  This bench didn't hold up too well.  It was time for it to join the wood pile.

It didn't take much work to break it down.  I was left digging out screws and nails!

I had one of those days where I just needed to use my hands.  I headed to my wood pile.  I got my saw out and began cutting the long boards salvaging the good parts. Some of the wood had deteriorated.  I took measurements to build  wooden boxes.  It really wasn't too hard but I did have to get the calculator out to minimize waste. 

I cut enough pieces to make two good size boxes.  I still have two long pieces and three good size pieces to make more boxes!  I predrilled the nail holes.  That was necessary so  the wood wouldn't split when I hammered the nails in.  I used 1 3/4" penny nails.  Not to hard once I got the first end piece nailed on the base piece.  

I had a few scrap pieces left over so I cut them to make compartments but they were a saw blade width too big...ugh.  I had already put my saw away...didn't want to get it out so those pieces will have to wait.   

 My Maximus dog decided to keep me company in the garage.  I needed a breeze but not the sunshine so the garage door was opened a few feet.  Maximus loved it.

This is my toolbox of found metal odds & ends.  Hinges, bolts, washers, handles, and drawer pulls.

I found a few items thinking I would embellish my boxes.  I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with them.  I don't like the drawer pulls, or the bolts.  Not sure i want to put handles or metal corners?  Or maybe use a leather strap to make a handle?  Or leave them as is?  I do know I will leave them turquoise color.

I have enough of the bench wood to make two or three more boxes.  I have a number of shorter 2x4 pieces, too.  This was a fun project and easy to do.  I love recycling and repurposing.