Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Do List ...

Painted hall bathroom!!! It's no longer deep purple, it's now a sweet sea glass blue.
I can't believe how much bigger it looks, so weird.Found a can of wall color paint and touching up all over the rest of the house. Finally, finally putting up curtains on the window in our bedroom, love them, too. Bought a dresser at Ikea and have it assembled and filled with my stuff. Finally replacing the dog hair magnet curtains on the patio doors with some cool graphic ones. Repaired the tear in our leather couch!!! Tom painted the new beam in the patio in 105 degree heat...he's a trooper.
Oh yeah I also got the margarita party invites finished and most have been given out!!!
That's gonna be a great time, can't wait!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What do you do on a hot day?

This is what you do for goodness sakes!
you find some friends
you dress them up
wedding attire of course
you get a camera
scuba gear
and you all JUMP in a pool!!!

Okay, if any of you know me...I'm tad bit afraid of water even pool water even only 6 feet deep pool water and I float and can't sink to the bottom at all...
So you wonder how this worked out for me...
Then comes a friend
who is in town from San Jose
who is a fish
who scuba dives
who has a underwater camera
who loves an adventure
who is willing to help out her water fearing friend
Add two friends who are getting married April 2011
who went with a great idea for their "save the date" announcements

This is what you get ...............
a blow you outa the water fun day!!!!

One of the funnest and coolest photoshoots ever - even better it was for Melissa.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laugh with me...

I was remembering my first day on the job...Chesterfield building, red-haired Jackie and Jeff D our trainers on a very hot humid day. My first summer experience of the monsoon season.
I think there were 16 of us "newbies". I'm not sure how many are still working.
Of course the talk is always about retiring...
but for now there will be no talking of retiring
only what fun can we have today.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow is the day

August 18, 1986 was the day
August 18, 2010 is....
The first day of my twenty-fifth year of my job

I will celebrate it
I will embrace it
I will enjoy it
I will find joy in it
I will laugh
I will cry some, too
I will smile (a lot)
I will bounce
I will dance in circles
I will twirl til I get dizzy
I will shout it out
I will take my photo
I will eat something sweet
I will drink a passion tea lemonade
I will play my favorite songs
I will watch the sunset
I will hug Tom & my dogs
I will buy something cool
I will scream with joy
I will keep praying
I will love
I will be kissed
I will make a big splash
I will wish upon a star
I will...

Monday, August 16, 2010

More posts to come....

Did the coolest "SAVE THE DATE" photoshoot!
It will blow you out the water......
I have a new toy to show you....
Watched the meteor shower with my three favorite boys....

Stay tune................
What's going on in your world???

She must be a princess?

She walked into my studio and was in awe
She wore the tiara
she smiled when she saw herself in the mirror

Sunday, August 15, 2010

She's growing up...aaahh

I keep a photo library of her life....
and this day needed to be documented
She's a freshman, heading to high school...
dang where has the time gone?
She's awesome!

If I would of had it my way we would of parked the car

followed her to her first class

but I controlled myself and watched her walk away

Angela's Birthday

Had so much fun making her birthday card...

she loves blues
Key ring with my special metal charms

Have Blue Suitcase Will Travel & Craft

Every trip I take I bring along crafting supplies....
this time I stuffed it with painting supplies
The lake side cabin was a great place to paint.
The space was soothing, the colors were calming
and the view was beautiful.....
greens, blues and browns of nature

The painting is far from finished but what a great start
with all the inspiration coming from the view

Working while vacationing, huh?

Not a bad office, huh?
He needed to check on things and why not do it at a great place. His sister's cabin on a lake. The view was good, the sofa was comfy but but there were these uninvited guests......
This little guests.... "may flies"... never heard of them. They live for only 24 hours and we happen to wanna share the same space for the same 24 hours....ahahaha

24 hours not really a problem, but there were gallions of them!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Right now it's 85% humidity where I'm at.... it's like wet without rain. On the up side it's really really green, lots of beautiful flowers and tall trees. Yesterday we had dinner at a place right on the Missouri River, I don't think I've ever really looked at the Missouri River. It was humid and sticky. The company and food was excellent. Speaking of company we ran into more family...lots of relatives in this area. We met up with Uncle Joe and Aunt Adeli, Uncle Joe is 98 and Aunt Adeli is 96, can you believe that??? I guess they take excursions all the time from their assisted living home with their daughters, Irma and Marina. Tidbit...our cousin Irma is married to Allen who is also our cousin but they are not cousins... figure that out...I'll explain in my next post. So we all had dinner together. Unforturnately for my father-in-law he had ice chips for dinner. He's the reason were in Nebraska, he's recovering from surgery and doing excellent. I'll post pic of Missouri River when I can.