Friday, August 20, 2010

What do you do on a hot day?

This is what you do for goodness sakes!
you find some friends
you dress them up
wedding attire of course
you get a camera
scuba gear
and you all JUMP in a pool!!!

Okay, if any of you know me...I'm tad bit afraid of water even pool water even only 6 feet deep pool water and I float and can't sink to the bottom at all...
So you wonder how this worked out for me...
Then comes a friend
who is in town from San Jose
who is a fish
who scuba dives
who has a underwater camera
who loves an adventure
who is willing to help out her water fearing friend
Add two friends who are getting married April 2011
who went with a great idea for their "save the date" announcements

This is what you get ...............
a blow you outa the water fun day!!!!

One of the funnest and coolest photoshoots ever - even better it was for Melissa.

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