Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Right now it's 85% humidity where I'm at.... it's like wet without rain. On the up side it's really really green, lots of beautiful flowers and tall trees. Yesterday we had dinner at a place right on the Missouri River, I don't think I've ever really looked at the Missouri River. It was humid and sticky. The company and food was excellent. Speaking of company we ran into more family...lots of relatives in this area. We met up with Uncle Joe and Aunt Adeli, Uncle Joe is 98 and Aunt Adeli is 96, can you believe that??? I guess they take excursions all the time from their assisted living home with their daughters, Irma and Marina. Tidbit...our cousin Irma is married to Allen who is also our cousin but they are not cousins... figure that out...I'll explain in my next post. So we all had dinner together. Unforturnately for my father-in-law he had ice chips for dinner. He's the reason were in Nebraska, he's recovering from surgery and doing excellent. I'll post pic of Missouri River when I can.

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