Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

What can I say it's Monday again, well this Monday is over and on to Tuesday. One thing I've noticed about myself is how I don't ever know the date or time, ever....

I always know what day it is, actually I work hard to know what day it is....not that I agree with the calendar what day it is ... some days feel more like a Thursday than a Wednesday, so I check the calendar and dang I'm wrong, it really is a Wednesday. Recently, several friends have left me voice messages or texts and I haven't been able get back to them. I used to call when I was in my Mini on my daily commute, but traffic and the foot traffic on the surface streets has gotten busy and I need to completely focus on the drive. My office in the first floor of a parking structure so my cell reception is so bad...thus I don't call anyone. I'm a night person and most friends are sleeping when I finaly sit down with some time to chat... thus I don't call anyone....most of my family lives in different time zone...two hours later! thus I don't call anyone....BUT today I said it's only Monday so I have all week to connect with these friends....I didn't call them back today.... lol ... I ran out of time.
On to Tuesday and I know it's Tuesday...it is, right?

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