Friday, August 31, 2012

Check this out...more day trippin

Okay, this was the side of a building.  When I first drove passed it I thought wow that's a lot of street signs and how clever to recycle them as wall covering stuff.  I went back by to take a photo and noticed it had an actual design, numbers.  19122012   what the hell does that mean?  19  12  20  12 ??  1912  2012?  Must mean something, right?  It was pretty cool.  I may need to use this as a background in a photo shoot.  I like the 55 mp signs and I like how they used the curve arrows in the #2's.  Very clever.

Day trippin

After lunch with my friend, Kathy she drove passed this house.  I asked her to back up and let me take a closer look.  See the HUGE URN?   Of course you's HUGE!  It's as tall as the house.  As you take a closer look at the details of this yard you will see a number of different size urns...everywhere.  Even on the house it's hard to see but there are two green and I mean green urns attached to the wall on shelves.  Also the two big urns at the corners of the house have three tier toparies with huge artifical flower arrangements.  Amazing
On the edge of the yard is  the blue-est  of blue angel statues.  I'm telling you this yard and all it's yard ornaments was over the top craziness.  On the other hand, I applaud their boldness!

Ikea trip

This is Christine trying out the bedding at IKEA. She was like the commercials and thought she was in her bedroom. People around didn't even blink an eye.  Btw, she purchased the this exact bedding!  Should look nice in her room and I wonder when she's going to bed she feels like she's in the Ikea showroom...haha.   She's in Flagstaff and college is started.  I'm gonna have to go visit her, it's been a while since I've traveled to Flagstaff.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember when I was digging?

We're back at it.  This time we're filling up the courtyard with quarter-minus gravel...10 TONS of it... I know you're laughing.  But listen to this, Tom rented a piece of equipment that he had so much fun with..

 This biggest issue was renting a loader that would fit through our courtyard blue door... a 48" wide opening.  Tom had to be fully aware of entering the courtyard...he had so much fun.  He never not once hit either side.

The next challenge was riding through the trees...once again he didn't hit any of them...okay he did have a couple of close calls.  haha


My brother, Jason waiting for Tom to dump the a load.  Tom had the fun job.  Btw, it was hot out but the shade did provide some relief.  I didn't do too well in the sun & heat.  

The loader looked so small with Tom in it.  Did I mention how much fun he was having?  All I know it had too many knobs and pedals but he did good.

We got the side yard done and most of the front courtyard done.  It looks better than I imagined.  I'm so excited to get it decorated with furniture and plants.  Which reminds me I need to finish painting my old wooden chairs.  I have to get out there tomorrow to work around the trees.  My brother, Jason and Aaron, Kerry and Donna deserve a shout out for helping us out.  I'll post photos when it's all done. 
* My brother injured his achilles heel this day and he's in so much pain and limpin around with a swollen foot.  I feel kinda bad.  He worked hard this day without even complaining.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Been a different kind of week

A very close friend of mine, Cathy, who lives out of state asked me for a favor...that favor was to go to her friend, Annette,  someone I've known but hadn't seen in awhile.  She asked me to go
 give her a good long hug and support because her husband, who I also knew, was very very sick and it was unexpected.  I went to the hospital and it was so true...he was on life support everything.  It was wonderful being able to give that long long hug of support.  She has been at his bedside since July 23rd and watched him become so sick so quick.  He died on Aug 9th.  May he rest in peace.  I called Cathy a number of times and she thanked me over and over for being there, but I'm thankful, too.  I forgot what an incredible woman Annette is and it's my honor to help her anyway I can.  Please keep her in your prayers. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

btw, we're setting some records here!

It's hot hot hot hot outside!  Oh yeah, it's also humid, everything sweats.  I can't believe how hot it is, I know we live in the desert and we live in Arizona and it's summer and it's monsoon season, the dew point sucks, AC is constantly running even though I have AC set at 80 degrees! and I heard today that the electric company set some usage record, I'm sure I'm setting some electric bill record, too.  I jumped in the pool tonight and the water was WARM, ugh.  Can't wear any jewelry cuz the metal burns your skin, don't even think about driving, the steering wheel & seats are hot and I mean hot hot.  I was at the drive up ATM and accidentally touched the metal on Mini Lula's window edge with my arm and damn that was hot.  So if anyone would like rescue me and fly me north to enjoy some cooler weather my schedule is open!  btw, it's 100 degrees out and it's 3am...yeah I couldn't sleep.

Gabi got her driver's license!

MVD is always a busy place, but this day it didn't matter because Gabi was ready for her driving test.  She was actually pretty calm and confident, despite this funny expression. 

After about an hour and a half wait she gets to take her driving test.  Like a champ she passed.  Here she is showing off her official driver's license.  How cool, geez she's growing up.  (she is my new DD at least until she heads off to college haha)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My sister's wedding invitations

I have been working on wedding stuff for the past several months.  This week it's my sister's stuff.  I finished the design and layout, printed them, now to cut.  I started on addressing envelopes and I made an error on the return address...damn!  Good thing I only had 10 done and I have extra envelopes!  So I must be tired and when I begin to make silly mistakes it's time to shut the party down.  Her reception party is at the end of September and the goal is to have these to her by end of the week.  So far so good and looks like I'll make the deadline.  I'll add photos at the end of the week.  I really am happy with the way they turned out.  Teal is her color and boy that's a hard color to find and match... but I found the perfect teal colored envelopes and we're printing invite on silver metallic paper with teal ink color. 
I just remember today how I need to get in gear on designing our annual September margarita party invitation!!!  The party is mid-September... I don't even have an idea as of today.  I need some inspiration.  I get out and open my mind to some ideas.  I've been doing some cool photo things with photoshop maybe I can find a vintage sign or building to use, humm.  I might have to take a drive downtown.  But for now I need some beauty sleep...nite nite

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deep thougths....

The past couple of days random friends have randomly crossed my path. I've been in contact with people I haven't talk to enough.  Also a few things have happened around me that made me take a minute.  You just never know, do you?  As I've aged I like to think I've removed toxic things, energy vampires, glitchie monkeys, and take much better care of my soul and spirit.  This is the path I want to be take a minute & breath with me....feel the joy of right now this moment....thank you.  I'm grateful, I'm loved, I'm funny, I'm creative, I'm beautiful and I can be grumpy, I can be silly, I don't make sense sometimes, I definitely can't catch or throw a baseball, I love to dance, I love to ride a bicycle, I love the mountains and the tallest trees, I like silence but I also love loud music, my camera is the funnest toy, I'm addicted to the internet and all the cool stuff I find, I love being in water but I also have a fear of water, crazy huh? my dogs are in love with me, really, they tell me all the time! I guess sometimes you just gotta stop and honor the person you are and be thankful for the people around you who get you.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Diggin dirt, again.

We decided to work on the courtyard and side yard.  See I started this project when the weather was a perfect 77 degrees outside.  Since hot summer join us I haven't been able to get myself to grab a shovel.  But today was different, we need to get it done.  My brother, Jason also came to help out.  I realized I had made good progress and today we got a lot more done.  Figuring out drainage and grades was really hard for me.  I have a problem with depth perception so setting lines and depths was a challenge for me but we got it done.  We're taking advantage of my brother's mad cad skills and getting the design completed.  Honestly, he was just tired of listening to Tom & I discuss and discuss what our outdoor space was gonna look like...  Here's the best part of today...our thermometer read 114 degrees!  Damn! are we crazy or what?  Even a jump in the pool didn't help cool us off   haha

Friday, August 3, 2012

A good day to paint

I started this painting some time ago and she's been waiting patiently to be completed.  Painting is always a good way to distract myself from the world.

the details

Super Hero Cape

I saw this thing on to make a super hero cape out of a t-shirt.  I had to make one for Owen, he loves super heroes especially Batman. 
So I got one of my many red Husker t-shirts and made him a cape... he loved it so much he asked me to take his photo...but not just any photo... his hero posing photo!

Random people crossing paths at random times and places

While we were in Page, Arizona  we decided to find a local park to give Winston some time out of the pickup and enjoy a picnic.  We found a really nice city park.  At the next picnic table sat a family and asked where they were from and they were from Belgium.  They told us they flew into Phoenix traveled to the Grand Canyon, now in Page for the night and will be heading to Moab & Zion National Park in Utah, from there they would be going to Las Vegas then to Yosemite National Park then end their trip in San Francisco.  It was nice talking to them and we exchange email addresses.  I've emailed them but haven't heard back.  I hope they had a good time in America.

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam - Arizona

On our way we stopped at Lake Powell and the dam.  It's beautiful and no trees and I mean no trees anywhere, weird.  Lots of boaters and campers.   I can see why. 

Look how colorful the background is.
The lake
We stopped at the dam and walked the bridge.  Good thing there was a safety fence and railing.  It's a long way down.

Winston & Tom checking out the view

Camera view through the fence

Glen Canyon Dam.  The fence had a cutout so you could get a good photo.  Just don't drop your camera!

Clear view through the fence cutout.

Joe Jump Basin...Johnny O's place

We traveled to Idaho in the middle of nowhere it seemed.  Our good friend built a beautiful home along the East Fork of the Salmon River. 

View of John's home from the river.  Can you see me standing in the tall grass?

Johnny O and I sharing beers and laughs

Tom enjoying the riverside view

Winston loved the river!  I haven't seen him have such fun in a long time. 

More trip photos...

We actually found a motel that allows pets.  Motel 6, way to go.  Winston was happy, he got his own bed.   Only thing he didn't like all the noise and people in the hallways.  Keep watch and wasn't gonna sleep.  We had to switch beds so he would be further from the door...haha

Mr Pin traveled with us, too.

I found this really cool building and had to have my photo taken in front of it.  Tom takes photos and says you can always crop it. 
On the mountain in the background each graduating class carves their year in the side of the mountain.  Kinda cool

Bryce Canyon

On you trip up north we stopped at Bryce Canyon, Utah.  What a beautiful place.  It's like the Grand Canyon but different.  I would have to say the Grand Canyon is still my favorite place.  We took our dog Winston with us and this world is still not all that dog/pet friendly as I would like it to be.  He was not allowed on trails and people are so weirded out about dogs.  We had to be so cautious and my dog is so good and doesn't bother anyone or any other dogs.  This one little dog went nuts when he say Winston...I'm like ''really''.  Winston handled himself perfectly and gave out a loud bark.

On the edge

This is Bryce point

Winston and me handing out

Tom and Winston off the paved trail...oh no trouble.

oh by the way, Mr Pin enjoyed his view of Bryce Point.