Friday, August 3, 2012

Bryce Canyon

On you trip up north we stopped at Bryce Canyon, Utah.  What a beautiful place.  It's like the Grand Canyon but different.  I would have to say the Grand Canyon is still my favorite place.  We took our dog Winston with us and this world is still not all that dog/pet friendly as I would like it to be.  He was not allowed on trails and people are so weirded out about dogs.  We had to be so cautious and my dog is so good and doesn't bother anyone or any other dogs.  This one little dog went nuts when he say Winston...I'm like ''really''.  Winston handled himself perfectly and gave out a loud bark.

On the edge

This is Bryce point

Winston and me handing out

Tom and Winston off the paved trail...oh no trouble.

oh by the way, Mr Pin enjoyed his view of Bryce Point.

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