Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember when I was digging?

We're back at it.  This time we're filling up the courtyard with quarter-minus gravel...10 TONS of it... I know you're laughing.  But listen to this, Tom rented a piece of equipment that he had so much fun with..

 This biggest issue was renting a loader that would fit through our courtyard blue door... a 48" wide opening.  Tom had to be fully aware of entering the courtyard...he had so much fun.  He never not once hit either side.

The next challenge was riding through the trees...once again he didn't hit any of them...okay he did have a couple of close calls.  haha


My brother, Jason waiting for Tom to dump the a load.  Tom had the fun job.  Btw, it was hot out but the shade did provide some relief.  I didn't do too well in the sun & heat.  

The loader looked so small with Tom in it.  Did I mention how much fun he was having?  All I know it had too many knobs and pedals but he did good.

We got the side yard done and most of the front courtyard done.  It looks better than I imagined.  I'm so excited to get it decorated with furniture and plants.  Which reminds me I need to finish painting my old wooden chairs.  I have to get out there tomorrow to work around the trees.  My brother, Jason and Aaron, Kerry and Donna deserve a shout out for helping us out.  I'll post photos when it's all done. 
* My brother injured his achilles heel this day and he's in so much pain and limpin around with a swollen foot.  I feel kinda bad.  He worked hard this day without even complaining.

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