Sunday, August 5, 2012

Diggin dirt, again.

We decided to work on the courtyard and side yard.  See I started this project when the weather was a perfect 77 degrees outside.  Since hot summer join us I haven't been able to get myself to grab a shovel.  But today was different, we need to get it done.  My brother, Jason also came to help out.  I realized I had made good progress and today we got a lot more done.  Figuring out drainage and grades was really hard for me.  I have a problem with depth perception so setting lines and depths was a challenge for me but we got it done.  We're taking advantage of my brother's mad cad skills and getting the design completed.  Honestly, he was just tired of listening to Tom & I discuss and discuss what our outdoor space was gonna look like...  Here's the best part of today...our thermometer read 114 degrees!  Damn! are we crazy or what?  Even a jump in the pool didn't help cool us off   haha

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