Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to 2011....

2011, what all happened this past year?
I retired
Traveled some
Got to visit lots of family
Went to my first Kansas University football game in Lawrence
Drove my Mini 20,000 miles
Upgraded my camera
Got into the Kindle craze
Read a lot of books
Adopted Bella girl
Lost weight
Boston, Fenway Park, Marshfield beach
Texas Tech basketball game in El Paso
Took several online craft classes, loved them
Spent Wednesdays with my brother
Treasure hunting at my mom's
Halloween with my sister
Photographed Claire, Olivia, Addison, Marisol, Owen, Gabi, Teen, to name a few
Three weddings, Casey, Melissa and Kerry
Got great advice from Cathy
Painted canvas, fabric, paper, wood, hands
Designed invites
Danced & laughed
DVD's over & over, again & again
Got another tattoo
Made new friends & lost a few, too
Just to name some things of 2011....

2012.... let's get started.

Happy New Year, friends
Cheers, here's to us!

Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30th

It was such a nice warm day today.... 71 degrees and sunny.  Windows open, fresh air and sunshine.  Not a bad way to ring in 2012, is it?
I'm thinking I would like to post my best 10 photos of 2011.  It's going to take me some time to sort through my files, New Year's Day I will post them.
I've thought a lot about my love of photography and I'm going to give myself some challenges for 2012.  I'll fill  you in later.
In the meantime, enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This year was the first time in 15 years I didn't host a cookie exchange.  
Looking back on this decision.... I missed an evening with my friends.  
So next year I may have to return to the cookie exchange.


I had fun making cookies with Kerry & Donna!
Kerry has this huge kitchen &
fabulous island... perfect for baking cookies.

 We each arranged to make two cookie recipes each.
I decided on sugar cookies and chocolate mint cookie.
Donna made  layered bar & snicker-doodles.
Kerry made oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies &
white chocolate macadamia nut cookies!

See, what I mean about the perfect island!
Room for all of and all the baking stuff.

Okay, I was in 4H as a kid and learned baking perfection.  
How to read a recipe, getting the right ingredients, measuring correctly which means using the right measuring cups ... liquid and dry ingredients use different type of measuring cups!!!  Come on...  
Using liquid cup measure for cocoa powder!!!
Kerry was making her chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies
she was on her fourth ingredient and I was ready to bake sugar cookies..

Kerry's in-laws were in town.  Her mother-in-law decided she didn't want to hang out in the kitchen with us....but her father-in-law was very interested and finally got in the groove with us.  He's showing Kerry how to roll the cookie dough in waxed paper and chill in the fridge so it will be easier to cut and bake! 
 Apparently, he loves to bake.

Our cookies....
white chocolate macadamia nut 

chocolate chip oatmeal walnut
7 layer chocolate bars
chocolate mint cookies
sugar cookies

2011 Christmas card

This year's card was so fun to make, I figured out it was 15 separate steps in all. 

 I took an my on-line class that used the plaster rolls to make pages of a book and that inspired me to experiment & use it on my cards. 
 I love the texture and feel of the plaster pages. I cut strips and dipped in water.

I laid the pages out on the tablet to completely dry

Next step was to paint a blue light tint on each page.
This was a tough step because I wanted to keep painting more and more layers!

I printed my greeting on tissue paper.
 Used gel medium to glue them on the plaster pages.

I used christmas themed scrapbook paper, ran it through sticker machine, cut it in strips & made the tree shape.  I added a star shaped brad that I added glitter to.  Gotta have glitter, for goodness sakes it's christmas.

I tried various methods to glue the plaster pages to my card stock and nothing worked well.  The plaster dust got in the way of sticking.  Sewing was the best way and it must say it was a good option, don't you think?

I cut white cardstock, scored it and printed my greeting.
Now to sit down and fold, sign and assemble.
I printed my envelopes and that saved me so much time.

  I made 50 and realized it was not enough cards!  
I only mailed out the out of state cards and I finished more for local friends.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

This year's Christmas card

Can you believe I made 50 cards and never took a photo of a finished one!  I have 15 more to make....but I'm gonna have to hunt one down from my friend to get a photo!

More decorating....

I wish I'd take the time right now to post photos of the past week....but I'm so tired.  
Please stay tuned...cookies, trees, holiday parties and a house full of holiday cheer.  
 I'm loving Christmas time.  Friends, family and food.
Okay, one two trees

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15th....

....   is my 385027930th birthday...  mega dang dang!  Who's counting?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis the season!

Holiday decorating has begun around here.....

Lights are on the house...
but not not on the courtyard wall
Stay tuned....
One of many Santa's looking for his place
among the rest of the decorations
Two fresh trees!
More trees and lights!
 I love this time of year 
and really wish I could 
figure out a way 
to see inside your house
 and enjoy all your decorations

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

fa la la la .... tis the season

Today was spent making Christmas music CD's.  Music is the best way to get into the Christmas spirit and I need some help.  Tom spent the day watching football and hanging the lights on the house.  Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to place the garland/lights on the courtyard wall!  Geez, I brought the cold with plants are mad at me.  I have lots to think about, I have to come up with a Christmas card idea, well I have ideas but how to get them on a card and then multiply it by 50 or 60 cards, oh and get them made and mailed out on time.  I have to decide what cookies to make since I'm not doing a cookie exchange this year.  I have to decide if I'm going to throw a holiday brunch or a dinner or both and with who and when....see lots to think about.  I did get all the holiday decorations out, but no tree, yet.  Good thing it's only December 5th.  (Don't forget December is all about me & Jesus, our birthdays!)
I wish I knew how to attach a Christmas song for you
Tried it but it was an epic fail...I'll keep trying so stay tune

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Surprise Celebration!

 My family surprised me with a party with cocktails, balloons, cake and gifts!
My gift set of rocks....
that's a whole other story and post.
My sisters, Rhonda & Melinda
My older sister, Patsy
My fabulous suitcase cake
My brother saying the shield no longer belongs to me
and he will gladly take it from here.
Thank you family & friends!

20 years of service!

My sister, Melinda, 
works with the school system.  
She works with special needs children. 
She's amazing & celebrates her 20th year!

Dog Days

It was such a nice day out 
I decided to take photos of my dogs.

Winston, he looked so serious
and I couldn't get him to lighten up.
Maximus also looked a little serious but curious.
Bella, she's all game
Maximus was staring right at me!
 Winston on the other hand would not come near the camera
Again!  Winston would not come near the camera!
And when he did he was distracted!
Finally, three together, see how nice Maximus & Bella pose.
Not Winston, he's annoyed.
Handsome Dog.
Wise Dog
Fun Dog
I may have to photoshop some holiday hats on them
 for this year's christmas card,
what do you think?