Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to 2011....

2011, what all happened this past year?
I retired
Traveled some
Got to visit lots of family
Went to my first Kansas University football game in Lawrence
Drove my Mini 20,000 miles
Upgraded my camera
Got into the Kindle craze
Read a lot of books
Adopted Bella girl
Lost weight
Boston, Fenway Park, Marshfield beach
Texas Tech basketball game in El Paso
Took several online craft classes, loved them
Spent Wednesdays with my brother
Treasure hunting at my mom's
Halloween with my sister
Photographed Claire, Olivia, Addison, Marisol, Owen, Gabi, Teen, to name a few
Three weddings, Casey, Melissa and Kerry
Got great advice from Cathy
Painted canvas, fabric, paper, wood, hands
Designed invites
Danced & laughed
DVD's over & over, again & again
Got another tattoo
Made new friends & lost a few, too
Just to name some things of 2011....

2012.... let's get started.

Happy New Year, friends
Cheers, here's to us!

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  1. You look FABULLOUS I love this blog
    I really really miss ou and all that comes with you lol