Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Christmas card

This year's card was so fun to make, I figured out it was 15 separate steps in all. 

 I took an my on-line class that used the plaster rolls to make pages of a book and that inspired me to experiment & use it on my cards. 
 I love the texture and feel of the plaster pages. I cut strips and dipped in water.

I laid the pages out on the tablet to completely dry

Next step was to paint a blue light tint on each page.
This was a tough step because I wanted to keep painting more and more layers!

I printed my greeting on tissue paper.
 Used gel medium to glue them on the plaster pages.

I used christmas themed scrapbook paper, ran it through sticker machine, cut it in strips & made the tree shape.  I added a star shaped brad that I added glitter to.  Gotta have glitter, for goodness sakes it's christmas.

I tried various methods to glue the plaster pages to my card stock and nothing worked well.  The plaster dust got in the way of sticking.  Sewing was the best way and it must say it was a good option, don't you think?

I cut white cardstock, scored it and printed my greeting.
Now to sit down and fold, sign and assemble.
I printed my envelopes and that saved me so much time.

  I made 50 and realized it was not enough cards!  
I only mailed out the out of state cards and I finished more for local friends.

Merry Christmas!

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