Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday thoughts on Sunday afternoon

I was on Skype with my sister and she mentioned how I haven't been posting on this here blog.  She's right and no question about it, I'm struggling.  I have lots of things going on and posting is on the bottom of my list these days.  As I've explained there are steps in blogging for me and I just can't seem to fit time in to do all the steps.   My sister gave me a great suggestion, which I'm going to try out this week.  She said to leave my house and go somewhere to write my articles and edit the photos.  This way there are none of the distractions I have going on in the office, studio and house. 
One thing I've been wondering about is lack of comments.  I don't know if anyone has tried to leave a comment and hasn't been able to or I have readers who are not comment leaver types. One reason I ask is I would like to do some giveaways and without knowing the problem I'm hesitant to offer the giveaway. Can you take a moment and give me some feedback?  I'm on Facebook if you find you can't comment due to a setting issue here.  Thanks so much!