Monday, July 25, 2011

It's July, It's Arizona, It's hot

I just can't seem to get to posting on my blog.  I'm busy but I do still find time to read a few other people's blog, but not mine.
I finished up with Kerry's wedding stuff and attended her wedding.  It was a busy time.  Her wedding and reception turned out beautifully.  Lots of nice comments about every  detail.  Menus, favors, guess book, guess table, picture stroll in the green area, cake tables, food, etc.  I meet up with her this week and can't wait to tell her what everyone said. She looked lovely.
Here's some great news, I submitted my retirement letter!!!!  25 years and a great career.  A year ago, I wrote about beginning my 25th year and my plan to find joy each day.  I did!  I focused on what I enjoyed about my job and career.  I will miss working with the clients, but otherwise I'm ready to begin a whole new path.  So watch out..... creativity knows no boundaries.