Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog, I'm still here...

I'm noticing how I don't post for a time and then I have lots to post.  I just can't seem to make it a habit to post daily or even every other day.   I'm on my laptop daily but just don't have the right state of mind to post.  I'm working on this...2011 resolution?? 

The cookie exchange went very well this year.  I always make sugar cookies.  Here's my packaging.  I should of photographed all the cookies!  This was my last year of organizing the exchange.  We've had the same group of seven or so of us for the past 15 years.  
Next year I think I'd like do a baking day with a few close friends.  Hopefully, one with a big kitchen.

The christmas crowns are recycled material...commercial size empty toilet paper rolls!  The janitor saves them for me at work.

Our christmas cards got done.  They were a huge project this year.  I had a million little steps , drawing, painting, paper gluing, more painting and glue and printing.  I loved the way they turned out.

I also finished wedding invitations for my friend Casey.

 Printing....well let me tell you how I stressed on printing.  I set a unreal deadline and stayed up too late and made a major printing mistake!  I printed the wrong zip code on the response card THREE times!  I was way tired and should of stopped. I tried to cover it up by making some address labels, can you say "cheesy".  So the only solution was to reprint....well I didn't have cardstock.  I remembered my friend, Melissa had the same card stock for her wedding invitations.  Bless her heart she gave me enough paper to finish Casey's.  

Cutting was so time consuming cuz they had to be perfect.  I was so OC about it.

This yellow thingie is the best tool ever!  I got it at a rubberstamp/scrapbook convention and thought I spent too much for it.  But, it's worth every dollar!  Made the assembly so much easier and quick.

Final invitation came out so nice.  Very pleased with the final product.  They're packaged and mailed!  

I have some photos of Christmas tamale making and sparklers.  I have some photos of baby girl, Marisol and nephew Robert's Texas Tech basketball game.  Oh and more photos of babies and puppies.  I'll save them for tomorrow.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Birthday Month

It's that fun time of the birthday and Christmas!  While I was in Nebraska my niece and I decided we needed to throw ourselves a birthday party.  We've never had a party together...oh...we have the same birth date!  The cake was special ordered and I must admit it's my first and only "Susan cake" .  It was both chocolate and vanilla!  Yummie, too.  My niece is going to be 18!!!  Me, well let's say I quit counting.

Cookie exchange

Cookie exchange invitations... started with a emply spool.

Added cookie exchange information on a strip of christmas themed scrapbook paper. 

Added a eyelet, circle and string to the end of the strip. 

Glued one end of the paper strip to the spool and wrapped it
 and then wind the sting around the eyelet circle piece. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

hello blog

Haven't typed at you in some time. It's a good thing it's Monday which means it's only Monday and I found a mintue to type....I still have the rest of the week to update!

 I finished up some senior photos for my niece, Chanel...she's beautiful. 
It was tough shoot.  It was so cold outside we had to go inside and lighting was a challenge and I just couldn't get a good focused photo.  Here's a peak..