Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter writing...back to basics

I made a series of note cards to write to my niece, Jess. I got on a roll and ended up making 30 cards!! I loved them all and plan to write & send each and every one to her. She's a blessed soul and I want to show her my support. Here's a peek at them....

working in my studio's 108 outside!

Finished piece of artwork for my june birthday sister, Patsy. Only problem is ... I finished it on "jobi time" . Her birthday was Saturday! I called her and she sounded like she had a busy day and was need of rest. I'll package it up to put in the mail.

San Diego

Drove Mini Lula to San Diego. Spent a day with my friend's daughter and that was the highlight of the trip. She showed us her wedding sight and let us pick avocados, lemons and kumquats sp? Honestly, I didn't work that hard. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be out of the heat. We shopped and ate some good mexican food. I sent us on a wild goose chase looking for a shop in the Gaslamp district and never found it or anything like it...oops.

Monday, June 21, 2010

E-course thoughts

The E-course class is opening up a lot of ideas and inspirations. Lots of stuff about blogs, twitter, facebook, etsy store, etc..... I haven't thrown myself out much into cyber world mainly due to privacy issues. I do like my blog and I know I have some loyal followers just maybe not regular followers and definately only a few who comment. For now this is fine with me and I figured out I like to blog for me and it's fun to know someone might be interested in what I'm doing or making or photographing or my dogs or my travels, or or or

I realize I work on "jOBi time" but one suggestion was to post more often to help keep my followers more interested in checking my blog. I have tons of projects I haven't posted, so I'm gonna go through my photo archives and start posting some of my projects. I hope to move on to selling my here's an idea, if you see something I've made and you'd be interested in purchasing it, let me know and I can see if it's possible to do. My stuff is "one of kind" and I rarely make anything exactly the same...that's a "jOBi" thing, too. I guess when it becomes assembly line-ish it loses the fun for me.
Last Thursday I was having one of those days! As a result of "one of those" days I dropped my cell phone in the pool, can you believe that???? It's sitting in an airtight jar filled with far no luck! Maybe it's a sign to slow down and smell the roses instead having to be so connected and available. Now to find the roses?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Maximus *hearts* me

Max hung out with me and he just needed to let me know how much he loooooves me! (Look closely at the tip of his nose).


I finished a baby photo book. I haven't worked on a project like this in a long time and I really had to rummage through my stuff to decorate it. I remember now how I'm not the "scrapbook" crafter. I did enjoy making this but I found I wasn't missing it.

I finished the twin baby necklace and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!
I make a box to package it in and included my information.

In the theme of finishing stuff.
I finally picked out & bought my hall bathroom color....monterey blue. Matches shower curtain perfectly. Now to decide if I'll paint the ceiling.
I printed Colby boy's graduation announcements, I packaged Brenda's gift, and I answered some emails. Had lunch with my to fav girls...Gabi & Christine. All in all a good day and only thing left to do is my nails and get to bed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How one random thing leads to another.

Back in Feb 2009 I blogged about a random day, at a random craft store I purchased a random book that opened up a huge creative mojo for me from the day my friend, Melissa and I sat for hours making three painting using the techniques in the book. Since then I have made a number of paintings....

The author of the book is Kelly Rae Roberts. I started to follow her blog and noticed she was offering a e-course. I pondered it and pondered it and waited til the last day you could register and "jobi time" was running out.... I clicked and here I am taking her course. It's full of so many ideas, inspiration, information, motivation, creativity, networking, blogging, websites, on and on and on and it's only week two. I have a feeling my blog is going to be going through some changes!! Stay tuned.....


Last weekend I spent with my friend, Alice. We've know each other since junior high. Our paths have crossed over and over and over. We don't see each other as often as you would think since we only live about 50 miles apart. We had a blast reminiscing and comparing our experiences of growing wiser! She had the coolest drinking I had to have them, too.

We talked about walking and counting steps. We both happened to watch Dr Oz say you need to walk 10,000 steps per day....omgosh that's a ton of steps. So we decided to get a pedometer and start counting our steps. I got a simple basic pedometer, well that's what I thought. I haven't even got it set up!! I promise myself tomorrow I'll figure it out and again that's "jobi TIME"

We had fun trying out all the snacks Alice had in her pantry...these are perfectly yummie. You have to try them!

Overall, it was such a good time. While we were visiting I realized how much I missed my friend. We made a buddy pack to not wait so long between visits. Who do you need to see?

Look at the fun I'm having....

I have an order for a jewelry piece. It's for a new mom of twins, a boy & a girl.
I decided to use the new techniques I learned from my last book I bought.
The beginning of my mess....

Here's the (almost) finished piece.... I have to let the resin set before I embellish. I think she's going to really love looking at her babies.