Monday, June 21, 2010

E-course thoughts

The E-course class is opening up a lot of ideas and inspirations. Lots of stuff about blogs, twitter, facebook, etsy store, etc..... I haven't thrown myself out much into cyber world mainly due to privacy issues. I do like my blog and I know I have some loyal followers just maybe not regular followers and definately only a few who comment. For now this is fine with me and I figured out I like to blog for me and it's fun to know someone might be interested in what I'm doing or making or photographing or my dogs or my travels, or or or

I realize I work on "jOBi time" but one suggestion was to post more often to help keep my followers more interested in checking my blog. I have tons of projects I haven't posted, so I'm gonna go through my photo archives and start posting some of my projects. I hope to move on to selling my here's an idea, if you see something I've made and you'd be interested in purchasing it, let me know and I can see if it's possible to do. My stuff is "one of kind" and I rarely make anything exactly the same...that's a "jOBi" thing, too. I guess when it becomes assembly line-ish it loses the fun for me.
Last Thursday I was having one of those days! As a result of "one of those" days I dropped my cell phone in the pool, can you believe that???? It's sitting in an airtight jar filled with far no luck! Maybe it's a sign to slow down and smell the roses instead having to be so connected and available. Now to find the roses?

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