Thursday, May 22, 2014

Owner/designer of GuruHoney

GuruHoney:  2701 N 48th Street, Ste 2  Lincoln Nebraska

Here's some back story... on a previous trip to Lincoln I stopped in the GuruHoney shop on a random day at a random time but not at a random place.  While in college I lived up the street and was familiar with the neighborhood, University Place, along north 48th Street.  I used to walked pass these buildings all the time.  I loved her shop and even bought the coolest purse/bag there!   I got good vibes and thought someday I'd like to ask about putting my jewelry in her shop.  The clerk was very friendly and we exchanged Facebook information and she gave me a little information about the owner and the shop.  I didn't have my jewelry with me and it just didn't feel right at the time, plus I knew I would be back. 

On my most recent road trip I contacted Andrea Watkins to talk about my jewelry.  The minute I walked in and met her I got the goosebumps!  I set down my jewelry pieces and she loved them and again... I got goosebumps!  I have seven pieces for sale in her shop!

Here's some tidbits about Ms. Andrea Watkins and GuruHoney....

She went to college and graduated with a psych major, she was offered a job at a hospice and a marketing type job.  She took the marketing job because of the hours.  She worked her way up in the marketing field.   But she found she clicked with graphic design.  She is self-taught in graphic design,  she bought a big book on graphic design, studying all she could.  Keep in mind this was before the internet and Google.  She then took a "leap of faith" and left her stable job and went with a start up company.  She became creative director of a team of designers and the company became very successful. 
Three years ago, her dad got sick and he was dying of cancer.  She spent time with him and he was placed in Hospice the last six months of his life.  She recalls how full circle life was … being offered a job with Hospice when she graduated college.
Upon his death she was trustee of his estate and inherited set of buildings along North 48th Street in the University Place neighborhood.  He did a lot for the area.  It was a huge project for Lincoln, trying to revitalizing the neighborhood.  The building GuruHoney is located  in is one of the buildings that belonged to her dad.  She once again took a "leap of faith", quit her job and became a landlord & a property manager.  It wasn't easy and she really struggled her first year.  With another "leap of faith", she figured since she had the building space why not open her own shop.  Along with a partner she opened GuruHoney.  She traveled to India with her previous job and lived there for six months.  She loved the culture and the name is a result of brainstorming and the thought of merging the culture of the east with the west.  Guru = high thinking   Bee = symbolic of hard work.  Creative & creating something good.  She began to design tshirts and was quite successful and told a story about one of her tshirt designs was worn by Mylie Cyrus in a photo shoot with People magazine.  She continues to revitalize the area in the spirit of father’s legacy and his vision for the area.  By the way the buildings are beautiful and the area is awesome.  It has a great vibe, a boho vibe.
I asked her how she refuels her soul.  She does Kosama – type of boot camp workouts, she loves to ride her bicycle, Lincoln has a great series of bike trails and yoga is another way she has found to refuel her soul.  She used to teach yoga and recently is finding herself being asked to teach yoga, again. 
She described herself as someone who has never been one that is not up for a challenge.  She talked about how tough it is because it’s a combination of what you know is in you and what you can do but it’s really hard because you feel you need a formal title, like artist, painter, designer, etc.  Creative people need to quit telling themselves “I’m not that”.  People wait around to be told they are “that” when they already are “that”.
I really enjoyed meeting Andrea Watkins!   She is a creative soul with so much ambition, nothing can stop her. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Road trip in Mini Lula....

Hello from the road.....

Mini Lula and I have been on the road for nearly three weeks.  We began in Arizona, traveled through New Mexico, Texas (huge state), Oklahoma (the tiny part), Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota (for a minute), Iowa and we'll still travel through Colorado, New Mexico (again) before we end up back in Arizona.
I can't even begin to tell  you all the things we've done and who we've met and all the blessings along the way.  I'm taking notes and organizing photos so I can share our adventure on my blog.  Please be patient with me and I promise you, you're gonna want to read about this trip!