Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tested out my new camera

Tested out the new camera on the baby twin girls!
Their mom, Michelle is an awesome mother of four.
Michelle's mother, Pam is a very good friend of mine and
I get the pleasure of hanging out with her grandkids.

Olivia in pink and Addison in green

Addison was tired and ready for her nap
but, she's was so adorable

                                          Olivia was all smiles

This is their big brother, Owen.

What a great class!

HOE banner header1000
I'm loving this class, offered by Stephanie Lee.
Can't wait to show you what she's teaching me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Canon upgrade!

 I've had my digital SRL for five or so years.  
I love it and it's been the best camera.
I've taken thousands and thousands
of photos with this camera.

Canon Rebel XT

But .... it's time for an upgrade!!
Canon Rebel T3i

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gabi - Homecoming Dance

She's a good sport and let's me photograph all her special moments.
She looks adorable.

needed a silly pose, too

Gabi & me

Kalon, Gabi's nephew was around while we were taking photos, he's way cute!
Kalon Hall

Monday, October 10, 2011

New dog video

Maximus (yellow lab) & Bella girl (chocolate lab) love retrieving the ball, especially in the pool!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm finally on Facebook.  So far about all I figured out is how to add friends, chat with a few people, and add a profile picture.  Then there's my wall, news, messages, more friends to add, etc.  What a great social network.  I'm gonna enjoy connecting with family & friends.

jobi tinajera arens

Grand Canyon trip

First day............
My job was crowd control.  Keep the tourist out of the area mainly for safety issues.  It was fun, even though one of the climbers felt the need to coach me on what to do when the crowds started to show up.  I'm's cool I can handle this...but he insisted.  (annoying).  Just to let you know no one (okay, one lady and one man did cross the tape) caused me problems.  It was fun meeting people from all over the world.  Bus loads of people!   Everyone was very nice and amazed with the Canyon.
see the yellow caution tape?
the climbers getting set up, this took longer than I thought,
 but safety is huge

Kerry getting ready to repel down

another climber repelling

Liz keeping Kerry safe

I'm the official crowd control person taking a break

Liz & Kerry 

Bad weather, we had to stop earlier than we thought

Me at the the shuttle bus stop
 (I thing my friends Joni & Mary had something
to do with designing this area)

Laura and me 

According to Kerry, she's the master of smore's.
(I agree)

Grand Canyon trip

Second day....
We came around the corner and could see Kerry and Liz along the canyon wall.  Once we got closer I was able to get better photos of them.  They are amazingly strong to cling to the walls.  Overall, a great trip and being at the Grand Canyon is always the best.

I found a nice safe place to sit and watch

Liz, she looks like a spider on the wall

Kerry repelling down