Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grand Canyon trip

First day............
My job was crowd control.  Keep the tourist out of the area mainly for safety issues.  It was fun, even though one of the climbers felt the need to coach me on what to do when the crowds started to show up.  I'm's cool I can handle this...but he insisted.  (annoying).  Just to let you know no one (okay, one lady and one man did cross the tape) caused me problems.  It was fun meeting people from all over the world.  Bus loads of people!   Everyone was very nice and amazed with the Canyon.
see the yellow caution tape?
the climbers getting set up, this took longer than I thought,
 but safety is huge

Kerry getting ready to repel down

another climber repelling

Liz keeping Kerry safe

I'm the official crowd control person taking a break

Liz & Kerry 

Bad weather, we had to stop earlier than we thought

Me at the the shuttle bus stop
 (I thing my friends Joni & Mary had something
to do with designing this area)

Laura and me 

According to Kerry, she's the master of smore's.
(I agree)

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