Monday, February 28, 2011


I bought these die cuts not even knowing if they will fit my die cut machine.  I have a Epic ''something or other" that I bought because it can do letterpress stuff.  I'm so die cut machine challenged.  I need to get it out of the box!  I need to overcome my die machine fears.....I'll keep you updated.

New lipsticks!



New art

I got inspired by helping out on decoupage project.  I punched out 1 1/2 inch squares of various sheets of scrapbook paper in complementary shades. 

Glued them on chip board with a gel medium and then coated them with a whitewash of gesso. I'm using them as the cover of a recipe scrapbook.  The scrapbook is a wedding gift.  I had the bride's family and friends give me their favorite recipes.  I'll post more photos of the finished book.

I couldn't stop punching out squares so look at what I did...

They're not finished, but I love the subtle shades.  They make me smile!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sad (printer) face

Today my large format printer decides it doesn't like magenta ink.  For whatever reason it won't print correctly.  I replaced ink cartriges, cleaned the nozzles, deep cleaned the nozzles, twice.  I ran all troubleshooting ideas and still no reds.  See the sheet on the printer, it printed GREEN!  It's supposed to be a brown shade, ugh.  Canon doesn't make this printer anymore and I really couldn't find any help on the internet.  I'll try again tomorrow.  This is so sudden, I'm not ready to part with my dear friend i9100.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hand mixer joy

Anytime someone asked what I wanted as a gift I would mentioned I could use a hand mixer. I have the large KitchenAide one, but a hand mixer would be nice for  smaller quick jobs.

My Mom sent me one for my birthday!  Aren't Mom's great.

 I remember when we'd fight to lick the "thingies"
(whatever their called, blades?)