Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kerry's Wedding Invitations

I thought I would share the steps in making Kerry's wedding invites.  Overall, a  long process and amazing how the final product had everything Kerry envisioned, even though I doubted her.  We were a great team and the end result came out better than either one of us thought.

Remember my old Canon printer, this is when we started on Kerry's invitation. This was the border, we struggled to get the edges printed perfect.

This is the paper, it was a very nice ivory pearl.  My new Canon printer worked lovely.  We started with 12x12 sheets and scored, cut and folded to get the final size.  This was after we printed the design on the edges and cut a decorative edge.  We added panels on the inside flaps.  We also designed, cut, scored, folded and taped the pockets.  Actually, Kerry's fiance, Trent scored and folded the pockets.  He did an amazing job.

This is Kerry working on the wording, but got hooked on FONTS, cuz I have a million different ones.  I warned her about font addiction.  Kerry was involved in every step and worked hard.

This is the final invite.  It came out beautiful.

Finished the front with a very nice ribbon and wax seal.

Done and ready to mail!

Melissa's Wedding Invitations

Off the printer, the back side of the enclosures

The invitation, a grape vine theme.

The final invite with all the enclosures.

Final invite with a beautiful ribbon and wax seal

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Steve (Bray)

Three dogs hanging out by the pool
Bray, I mean STEVE heard her owner was home and on way to pick her up.  She put on her disguise quick.  We don't think they'll recognize her.  What do you think?

Three dogs hanging out by the pool!

p.s.  We enjoyed having Bray, I mean Steve around for the three weeks.  Winston was happier and Maximus loved playing with his sister.  We let on with her owner Bray wanted to stay longer, hahah.  We thought this was a fun thing to do, but from the text and conversation with her owner she didn't seem to see the humor or fun in it.  Geez!

Monday, June 6, 2011


We're dog sitting, Bray is her name.  She's Maximus' sister.  She very small compared to him but they have the same face and same attitude.   She keeps Maximus occupied and Winston is such a happy dog these days.  We'll have her for three weeks total.  I think her doggie mom will be back end of this week.  When I first agreed to take her I was apprehensive cuz come on THREE labs!  Well I'm eating my words, she's been good to have around.  So good I want to kidnap her.  So here's my plan.... Maximus chewed her red collar off, so she now has a blue collar.  I plan to put her in a disguise and name her STEVE.  So when doggie mom shows up we'll tell her Bray isn't here and they can meet our new dog, STEVE.  I'll post a our dog family photo tomorrow and you can see her disguise.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I noticed about my desk calendar

Notice how I don't have much marked on my work calendar?  I'm busy every single day with no type of schedule.  Or at least I don't write a thing down.  Makes it a blank canvas for my daily art journal. I have to come up with a theme for June, soon, too.  I saw on Balzer Designs she is doing a block journal pretty much like mine.  Maybe I should do words, like a real journal.  I may have to write a journal entry in a different color each day.  The theme can be what I saw on my drive into to work or lyrics to songs playing on my radio that day or what super hero I want to be (have to have a cape) or gas prices & my mpg or the funniest thing I heard or saw that day???????????????

Daily Art Journal - March - April - May

This is March
 I decided to use shades of GREEN 
for the whole month of artwork

April I didn't feel like drawing art each day but
 I had to wait for each day of the month to pass to draw on it.
 This month was fun

May flowers
I penciled the design and filled it up as the days passed.  
I may have to add more color to it

JUNE, more to come!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Art Journal

Remember back in January & February 
 when I posted my daily art journal calendar. 

 I've kept up with the daily art journal but can't believe I haven't posted any photos of March, April and May's artwork.  I promise to take photos tomorrow and post tomorrow...promise, so check back to see them.

Flower hairpins

More wedding stuff

Kerry invited me to the bridal shop where she purchased her dress.  First the parking was amazingly crazy.  A frozen yogurt shop on the corner seemed to be the reason for the parking lot chaos. 
Anyways, she was at the shop to purchase some wedding day jewelry.  She brought along a pair of pearl earrings from her grandmother.  First thing she admired was a beautiful freshwater pearl and crystal multi-strand bracelet.  She put on her dress and boy she was beautiful.  The bracelet was prefect.  The earrings she designed will be perfect, too.  I was happy to join her on this day and was so pleased to be involved.  
I'll have to find the pictures of her wedding invitations.  We did a great job on them.

Gift box art

A friend at work was admiring a pair of earrings I'd recently purchased.  
It was her birthday so I got her the same pair and needed a box to put them in.

Tea party time

You take a beautiful tea cup
you have to throw a tea party!

My friend, Kerry is getting married in July.  
I've been involved in several aspects of her wedding.
I designed this little tea bag for her bridal shower.

The table was set with such pretty linens and things!

This is Kerry, she had the best tea party hat, don't you think?

I know it's hard to see the fabric covered book in the lower right hand corner, 
but I covered a book which will be a scrapbook and guest wish book.