Monday, June 6, 2011


We're dog sitting, Bray is her name.  She's Maximus' sister.  She very small compared to him but they have the same face and same attitude.   She keeps Maximus occupied and Winston is such a happy dog these days.  We'll have her for three weeks total.  I think her doggie mom will be back end of this week.  When I first agreed to take her I was apprehensive cuz come on THREE labs!  Well I'm eating my words, she's been good to have around.  So good I want to kidnap her.  So here's my plan.... Maximus chewed her red collar off, so she now has a blue collar.  I plan to put her in a disguise and name her STEVE.  So when doggie mom shows up we'll tell her Bray isn't here and they can meet our new dog, STEVE.  I'll post a our dog family photo tomorrow and you can see her disguise.

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