Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear Blog....

I've been so busy with all the holiday projects and fun.  But I'm not done...baking the rest of my sugar cookie dough to deliver to my two favorite firefighters!  Photos to follow!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our family & friends!  We've had a fun time so far this holiday season.  We are truly blessed.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


To the families of the victims in the Connecticut shootings.  Hard to hold back the tears.

Cookie baking today

The cookie exchange is tomorrow so it's time to start baking.  I always bake sugar cookies.  This year I decided on stars!  I'll post when I'm finished decorating and packaging them, eight and half dozen!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15th

It's my birthday......
It's an unusual day, cloudy with rain.  Hardly ever happens around here.  It's gonna be a great day... hot coffee, warm bed, stay in my pajamas, maybe a DVD movie or two, some reading, some studio time, some not so good for you foods, turn up the music and sing out loud, let's get this day started!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Packaging fun

I remembered this roll of heavy rough brown paper.  I cut it up and sewed envelopes for some special packages I'll be sending out this week. 
I used red thread and different stitching.
  Used decorative scissors to trim.

I combined the Santa keys and
reindeer food along with a little note.
 I'm totally pleased with this project!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas project 3

Next project is making tags for the special reindeer food I bagged up.  I made enough to pass on to a number of kids!! 
Found a vintage image of Santa with his reindeer.
 Needed to cut and round the edges.

Needed bells and twine

Added some rich green ribbon

Tied the jingle bells to the ends of the twine.

The reindeer food is birdseed
with a tad bit of magic glitter!

They came out so damn cute. 
I'm so pleased with the way they came out.

Christmas project 2

I bought bottle brush trees in various sizes and bleached them white.  I plan to use some for snow globes and the rest for little vignettes around the house.  Honestly, I haven't started decorating my house.  This doesn't traditionally start until after December 15th....pssssss my birthday!

Christmas project 1

This project is Santa's Magic Key.  I found a vintage Santa image to use on the tags.  I cut them out and decided on some fine glitter for the edges...by the way, glitter is a must any Christmas project!  I didn't like the look so out with the silver glitter glitter. 
Cut out tags, rounded the corners and added lots of glitter.
The sliver glitter gave the tags a vintage look I wanted.
I found the keys at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect.
I tied a aged twill ribbon and rusted jingle bell.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo fun

yeah, more photos to come......
Laurel and Miranda

 I've been camera crazy this past couple of weeks, but I haven't had time to process them. 

Jackie & Aaron's wedding

In previous posts I talked about helping Jackie with her wedding/reception.  They got married and the whole ceremony and reception turned out perfectly.  It was one of the nicest and funnest, is that a word?  Anyways, the whole event was great.  I didn't take many photos since I was having so much fun eating, visiting and dancing the night away.  I do wish I would taken some photos of the details I helped with.  Maybe I can get some from Jackie and share them later. She looked beautiful and so so so happy. 

This is Meghan, my new little bestfriend.  She's so cool, it's too bad she lives so far away!
Look at my little hero all dressed up!

Cookie exchange 2012

Last year I didn't host a cookie exchange for a variety of reasons.  The point was I missed it and I missed the social part of it.  So, this year it's on again.  Here's the invitations I made.  Got the cookie spatulas at the Dollar Store and made the tags.  I like the way  they turned out.  I can't wait to join nine friends to laugh and eat cookies!