Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bike riding

I bought a bike, a hybrid urban bike.  I’m in love love love!  I find it so easy to get on my bike every morning and go for a ride.  My first week it was easy to ride 4 miles which totally surprised me.  The following week I was riding 5-6 miles and today I rode 8 miles!!!   I conveniently live on a really nice bike route going all directions so depending on the direction of the wind determins which direction I ride.  Overall it’s a cool way to get some exercise.  Earlier this year I was walking my local park and found it such a challenge to get 2 miles of walking done.  Plus it’s always sunny and I’m not a fan of direct sunlight on me.  I find riding my bike so much fun and the sunshine doesn’t seem to be so bad cuz I’m moving and there's always a breeze.     Do you ride a bike and do you love it?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Beaded necklaces

I've been making beaded necklaces for the past month.  I have tons of seed beads and thought it was time to see what I could make with them.  I made some charms and found some pretty cool charms in my stash of stuff. This particular collection was sent off to a shop in Lincoln, Nebraska -- Guru Honey.  I didn't take a very good photo of them...not sure what I was thinking, I'm usually pretty good at documenting my jewelry.  I haven't stopped making these cool necklaces.  I'll have to post on my Facebook page when I have more to sell.

Red, turquoise, black and cream colors

I'm losing and finding things all the time

I have this thing about losing stuff all the time....but I also have this thing about finding them.  Well there are three things so far I've not ever found, one heart shaped necklace (Valentine's Day gift), a pair of the coolest blue tinted prescription sunglasses and another necklace...a diamond one...(anniversary gift) but I am open to them coming back to me.  
The other day I was going through my collection of postcards.  In this pile of postcards I found my Best Buy gift cards I got as a  gift a long time ago.  I thought I might of given them to someone, re-gifting is common in my world.  And something even more funny was I put the two cards in my journal and headed out to shop.  When I went to get the cards they weren't in my journal!  Found one at the bottom of my purse but the other one I had no idea where it could be.  Can you believe it I lost one of the cards, so no shopping.  Two days later I thought I might as well check out my car and see if it might of fallen out of my purse.  Low and behold it was under the seat!  Oh yeah I just remember another thing I've lost and have yet to find....my best Bose earphones!!!  I love them earphones, which were also a birthday gift.  Geez, I'm noticing a pattern here...gifts=lost stuff.  Honestly though, I have found so many things that were once lost....honestly I lose things all the time all kinds of things all the time, so the odds of it being found are pretty good and I could tell you some stories about lost and found, haha.

I headed to Best Buy and decided on a Kindle.  I've had several types of Kindles in the past but have passed them on to other reading friends.  I have the original basic Kindle in order to keep my account open for ebook benefits.  I've used my iPad to read using the Kindle app.  What I didn't like about using the iPad is it's heavy and not comfortable to hold and read.  I ended up buying the Kindle paperwhite and I'm loving it!!!!  It's small and easy to read. 

I do love having real books and I have three on my bedside I'm reading right now.  Crazy isn't it??

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I don’t really know too much about labyrinths, but since I started walking and also learning  the practice of meditation I decide why not combine both and walk a labyrinth.  I found one about a mile away from my house.  It’s on a church property but no one was around.  I walked it and it was pretty cool and decided to make it a habit.  I rode my bike there today and it’s gone!  It’s been removed and construction is going on.  Sad face!  I’m gonna need to do some more research to find another one in my area.  Not only did I love the shape but I was fascinated with the rocks.  I did find one heart shaped and that always puts a smile on my face.  You should find a labyrinth to walk and think....let me know if you do.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello blog...

It's amazing how time gets away from me when it comes to my blog posts.  I'm constantly using my camera, constantly jotting down notes, and always have tons of blog post ideas....but putting it all together to post continues to be my challenge.  I've been working on beading projects, taking online art classes, reading more, and sorting photos.  This time of year the weather is beautiful around here and that's a big distraction, too.  All & all, it's a fun day everyday.