Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bike riding

I bought a bike, a hybrid urban bike.  I’m in love love love!  I find it so easy to get on my bike every morning and go for a ride.  My first week it was easy to ride 4 miles which totally surprised me.  The following week I was riding 5-6 miles and today I rode 8 miles!!!   I conveniently live on a really nice bike route going all directions so depending on the direction of the wind determins which direction I ride.  Overall it’s a cool way to get some exercise.  Earlier this year I was walking my local park and found it such a challenge to get 2 miles of walking done.  Plus it’s always sunny and I’m not a fan of direct sunlight on me.  I find riding my bike so much fun and the sunshine doesn’t seem to be so bad cuz I’m moving and there's always a breeze.     Do you ride a bike and do you love it?

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