Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm losing and finding things all the time

I have this thing about losing stuff all the time....but I also have this thing about finding them.  Well there are three things so far I've not ever found, one heart shaped necklace (Valentine's Day gift), a pair of the coolest blue tinted prescription sunglasses and another necklace...a diamond one...(anniversary gift) but I am open to them coming back to me.  
The other day I was going through my collection of postcards.  In this pile of postcards I found my Best Buy gift cards I got as a  gift a long time ago.  I thought I might of given them to someone, re-gifting is common in my world.  And something even more funny was I put the two cards in my journal and headed out to shop.  When I went to get the cards they weren't in my journal!  Found one at the bottom of my purse but the other one I had no idea where it could be.  Can you believe it I lost one of the cards, so no shopping.  Two days later I thought I might as well check out my car and see if it might of fallen out of my purse.  Low and behold it was under the seat!  Oh yeah I just remember another thing I've lost and have yet to best Bose earphones!!!  I love them earphones, which were also a birthday gift.  Geez, I'm noticing a pattern stuff.  Honestly though, I have found so many things that were once lost....honestly I lose things all the time all kinds of things all the time, so the odds of it being found are pretty good and I could tell you some stories about lost and found, haha.

I headed to Best Buy and decided on a Kindle.  I've had several types of Kindles in the past but have passed them on to other reading friends.  I have the original basic Kindle in order to keep my account open for ebook benefits.  I've used my iPad to read using the Kindle app.  What I didn't like about using the iPad is it's heavy and not comfortable to hold and read.  I ended up buying the Kindle paperwhite and I'm loving it!!!!  It's small and easy to read. 

I do love having real books and I have three on my bedside I'm reading right now.  Crazy isn't it??

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