Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday thoughts

I've been busy with taking care of myself.  Which is kinda a new thing to me.  I'm one to give my time, my energy, my creative talents, my ideas, my photo skills, my card making and paper crafts to the point I'm left with nothing for myself.  Don't get me wrong I love giving and I'm honored when asked.  What I've found is I put others in front of me and I end up tired, not sleeping, not eating right, not walking, not not not.  I also  know the creative process is time consuming.  So my challenge these past few months is to focus on me.  The challenge of not breaking my personal commitments.  Sleeping has been my biggest challenge.  I've never been one for sleep and I love the when the sun sets and the stars shine.  But in order for me to have a healthier day I need to get more sleep but believe me I fight it on a nightly basis!  I really do feel better when I get the right amount of sleep, so I'm learning.  As a result of my personal journey, I've set aside my blog, my Facebook  site, my business, my jewelry, my studio time, and I found a few new things .... sitting in my courtyard on my swing listening to the wind chimes and baby birds, I found drinking tea is a nice relaxing thing to do anytime of the day or night,  I found walking clears my mind, I found I love fruit smoothies, I found sewing is still my first love, I found I still can get fun things completed and I found I need to put my personal commitments first and in turn I found I'm better at all the other things that come along.