Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deep thougths....

The past couple of days random friends have randomly crossed my path. I've been in contact with people I haven't talk to enough.  Also a few things have happened around me that made me take a minute.  You just never know, do you?  As I've aged I like to think I've removed toxic things, energy vampires, glitchie monkeys, and take much better care of my soul and spirit.  This is the path I want to be take a minute & breath with me....feel the joy of right now this moment....thank you.  I'm grateful, I'm loved, I'm funny, I'm creative, I'm beautiful and I can be grumpy, I can be silly, I don't make sense sometimes, I definitely can't catch or throw a baseball, I love to dance, I love to ride a bicycle, I love the mountains and the tallest trees, I like silence but I also love loud music, my camera is the funnest toy, I'm addicted to the internet and all the cool stuff I find, I love being in water but I also have a fear of water, crazy huh? my dogs are in love with me, really, they tell me all the time! I guess sometimes you just gotta stop and honor the person you are and be thankful for the people around you who get you.

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